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A Quick Look at the Law of Attraction


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You don't have to be a scientist or a physicist or even understand the complex concepts of Quantum Physics or The Law Of Attraction. All you need to know is that everything is energy, which you can transform by the power of your mind. Since energy is constantly moving, then it can be in turn re-directed. You no longer have to stand there and wait for something positive to happen in your life. Now you can actually make it happen! Once you take hold of the energy and you utilize it you will begin to see how your life moves towards a more positive force rather than a negative force. You can achieve anything you want, by trading out your old negative bad attitude cynical self, for a new positive, good attitude self. And once you do this, you will see that suddenly you start attracting a different type of energy. Better things will start happening to you. This is the Law Of Attraction at work!

When I first found out about the secret and the law of attraction I wasn't cynical at all. Then again this is probably because I was at the end of my so-called rope, grasping at whatever straws I could. And here I found this video, on YouTube of all places, about the secret and law of attraction, and I thought hm, well it can't hurt. I mean we have all been down in the dumps at one point in our life, but sadly some more than others. And when you reach the bottom of the barrel, after denial, after blame, after hurt, comes a sort of freedom. You toss all your beliefs to the side all your rules, all your thoughts, and you decide at that point that nothing has worked for you thus far, so you may as well try this or that out. You don't have anything to lose. So, I watched the video, and I was hooked right then and there. I think at that point I was just so down trodden that when I heard I could fix all of it, I was instantly terrified and excited all at the same time!

That movie changed my life, it gave me the stepping stones I needed, the push, the shove, the change I needed. And it can change your life as well. You don't need to be rich or poor, young or old, positive or negative, man or woman. The Law isn't biased, as long as you follow The Law, you can really become your own genie. It's amazing, incredible, absolutely entrancing! If you want to change your life now? Do something about it. That right there is the very first step! Change your life, you can do it, you can make the money you want, you can live in the house you want, you can go on vacations, you can buy that new car you have been eying. Anything you want, it's yours! So? What are you waiting for, get with it!

This author is a HUGE fan of The Secret to your life. Visit to see where the Secret Left off.


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Attraction - 3 Keys to Transforming Your Life through the Law of Attraction
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