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How to Increase the Power of the Law of Attraction


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When we look at professional creators; who pre-visualize, dream and manifest things for a living, we can start to get more comfortable with the creative process.

One of the things they use is pre-visualization in different forms; schematics, blueprints, sketches, outlines, storyboards, scripts, computer models, etc.

This is all part of the creation process. One of the things you could do is have your own mind reel or ‘mind movie’.

You can think of it as your own pre-visualization powerhouse resource. Not only will help you to clarify and focus on the vision or dream that you want to manifest but it actually holds a very powerful key when used properly.

’. . if you don't know where you're going, how are you going to get there?’ -anonymous

If we look at the Law of Attraction and understand that everything is energy; we can come up with ways to start harnessing more energy to create more power within the attraction process to get us exactly what we want.

This will help the creation manifest faster like network rendering an animation sequence on multiple high-speed computers instead of just a 10 year old one.

Logical thought alone is quite limiting and doesn't involve much energy. . . feelings, however are far more powerful because they are closer to our root of nature and energy.

Emotion = energy in motion.

So if you can find ways to get into more emotional ‘feeling’ states of mind and properly channel that heightened energy, there is going to be more magnetism within the attraction process.

If you've got a clear goal or vision and you're working a lot but it's just not manifesting - a primary reason could be because you don't have enough energy involved to attract it.

Feelings are a powerful tool and resource we can grow, channel and leverage in order to help us to attract. Advertisers exploit emotion all of the time to influence behavior unbeknownst to most consumers.

When you create your own Mind Reel or use other emotional triggers associated with your dreams, you can effectively use emotion and deeper states to increase the effect of the Law of Attraction.

I've manifested all kinds of things since March 2007 by creating the original Mind Reel. It is an incredibly effective way to visualize and put the Law of Attraction into direct effect in your life.

Discover how to use more power in the attraction process and things will magically happen when they just couldn't before.

Riono is a teacher and practitioner of the Law of Attraction. Learn more about the creation process, success psychology and how to create your own mind reels (a. k. a. 'mind movies') by joining the Reel Secrets mailing list @ You will receive a 91 Minute LOA video upon signing up as well as access to other attraction resources


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The Law of Attraction - Using Positions of Power To Get What You Want
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