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How to Get a Girl to Notice You - What You Need to Know


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At some point and time every guy will have some sort of crush on a girl. In many cases the girl that the guy has the crush on doesn't have a clue that he has a crush on here or even that he exists at all. This article will give you the insight on how to get a girl to notice you. Read this article then apply what you learned to your particular situation and enjoy the results. The first thing that you need to take in consider when trying to get a girl to notice you is if she is even worth her noticing you. You should have some sort of information on the female that you are pursuing. Weather it be by a little casual ease dropping, talking to her friends or directly talking to her.

You can find out a lot using these techniques. Even if you have never spoken to the girl, you can get a good idea what she is about by doing this . If after finding out some information on her and you feel that indeed you want her to notice you, you should proceed to the next step. You need to now think about location. This is so important. What I mean by location is, you need to think of where do you see or interact with this girl at. Maybe it is school, work, local gym or restaurant. Some methods of getting a girl's attention maybe different depending on location. Listed below are the basic things that you need to know when looking to answer the question of how to get a girl to notice you. .

Have Major Confidence - You must get rid of those butter butterflies. Being nervous around the girl you want or any female usually comes off as you being weak or a dork. You must know who you are and be proud of it. Remember this, women are usually not attracted to cocky men but are attracted to confident men.

Stay Low Key , But Involved - Sometimes guys try to over do it with the “hey, look at me" act. That can be really annoying to some women. You need to always be around but with a calm low key purpose. Never force yourself in to a conversation. If you are always around the girl seemingly just minding your own business, if she is even half way interested in you the conversation will come to you.

Interact With Those Around Her - This is a really good one. All you need to do is casual find ways to interact with people around her. Never directly speak to her an if you do make it short and sweet. Now you must be careful with this one. Make sure that if the friend you ar e interacting with is a female that you do not come off as if you are flirting with her. Just interact very casually, but be interesting . The girl will definitely notice you and if she is interested in you she will eventually ask her friend what is up with you.

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