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Destiny, the Law of Attraction and Michael Phelps

Christine Hoeflich

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Watching Olympic swimming on television on August 15th, I saw Michael Phelps win the gold medal for the 100-meter butterfly, beating out Serbia's Milorad Cavic by only 0.01 second. Phelps won by continuing to stroke until he touched the wall while Cavic glided to the wall. Taking the extra half-stroke is what won Phelps that gold.

That's a lesson in itself, of course (to continue to take action until you literally touch your goal), but I was pleasantly surprised when later, one of the sports commentators demonstrated just how short that time was by comparing it to a pencil: the distance that Phelps won by is the length of a pencil eraser and the metal part that holds it in place. Then he said, “Tell me that's not destiny. "

I agree. From the point of view of the New Age, one can say that it was in his higher self's plan to win that gold (and he certainly did everything within his power to align with his soul's plan). Aligning with your soul's plan is what I understand has the “Law of Attraction" work.

Let me explain. Your higher self and your personality (sometimes referred to as your “ego") sometimes appear to have different goals for your life. Your soul's primary purpose is to learn and to grow the most it can by experiencing things firsthand, not necessarily to “get what you want" or to take the easiest way out to a life of comfort. But if you can align with your higher self (by developing a more real relationship with it and following through on its guidance, your intuition, consistently), you will find that you will get what you need in order to fulfill your plan. Remember that when you reconnect to your higher self, you are reconnecting to the energy of your potential, the original plan for your success. Connecting to your higher self is also the best, most reliable way to experience more creative flow in your life-that often elusive magical state experienced by athletes (such as Phelps) and artists where everything seems to go perfectly. Furthermore, you will find that some of your wants might change over time and you will find yourself wanting things that benefit all of humanity (i. e. you're aligning with your higher self). In short, when you reconnect, amazing things begin to happen in your life.

Another interesting point is that I witnessed that sports commentator make that remark (about Phelps's destiny) not once but twice during a 24-hour period, the second time early the next day. I mention this because I have learned that when something “different" or unusual happens twice or three times within a short time period (within 24 hours or so), it's often the universe's way of getting your attention. It doesn't necessarily mean you need to do something about it (you might not know what action to take, if any), but simply to make a mental note, to pay attention. And if there is an action for you to take, then you take that action.

For instance, I awakened in the middle of the night on the 18th thinking about the above. I turned the light on, picked up a pen and scribbled a few sentences that flowed into my mind, including the title for my next article: “Destiny, the Law of Attraction and Michael Phelps. " That's when I knew I had to write this article.

Christine Hoeflich is the author of What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening. Her scientific background, as well as her journey in activating her intuitive side, enables her to attain the balance needed to be able to explore and explain in clear, simple terms the underlying laws and principles of the process of life. For further information, including how to gain confidence in your intuition, please visit her at her web site.


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Michael Phelps 2008 Olympics - Move Over Mark Spitz, You Are Toast!
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