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The Secret Movie - What Is It All About?

Sheryl Polomka

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Unless you have been hiding on a remote island with no TV or computer then I'm sure you have heard of ‘The Secret’ movie by Rhonda Byrne. There was a lot of talk about both the book and the movie when it was first released and it became one of the biggest sellers of all time.

The Secret basically is all about the law of attraction and how the great minds of current times and of history used the law of attraction to attract what they wanted into their lives.

In actual fact all of us use the law of attraction without even knowing it. The way that we think attracts certain things into our lives and it is only those who know how to use this correctly that can use it to attract greatness into their lives.

Chances are if you are a person who has a lot of negative things happen in your life you are more than likely a person that thinks quite negatively all the time and therefore attracting negative things into your life.

Then there are those people who just seem to be successful at everything that they do and you will find that these people are very positive thinkers and are actually attracting that success into their own lives.

The way we think really does affect the outcome of our lives. The biggest problem is that many people who are stuck in a rut of negative thinking will find it very hard to change their habits. Although they may watch The Secret movie and be very motivated to put it to work in their own lives, chances are they wont stick it out and will likely give up quickly when they don't see immediate results.

Unfortunately that is the way of life and we all do it.

The best way to actually get the law of attraction into your life and working effectively for you is if you have someone pushing you and helping you to make the change. ‘The Secret’ movie is great for motivating you to make change in your life but you do need more than just a movie to actually be successful at making that change.

There are courses available that are specifically for coaching your through the change to help make the law of attraction work in your life and this is probably the best way to go to really make those changes for the better that you so desire.

My name is Sheryl Polomka and I have studied ‘The Secret’ and by using the law of attraction have been able to change my life dramatically. It's not always easy to do it on your own which is why I chose to take a personal course that really helped me learn how to attract happiness, health and wealth into my life

To find out more about the course that I took visit


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