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Does The Secret Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Sheryl Polomka

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The law of attraction is all about attracting great things into your life and knowing how to stop attraction negative things into your life. The secret can help you to attract anything that you long to have in your life such as love, wealth, success, health and much more.

Many people have used the law of attraction for years and many have taught it to others but it wasn't until Rhonda Byrne wrote her book ‘The Secret’ that it became known to so many. There are many personalities who speak within this book and tell of their own experiences using the law of attraction. There are many success stories to read of improved health and improved wealth.

The way that you think plays an amazing role in the things that are attracted into your life. If you spend your life thinking negatively then you are very likely to act in a negative way which will in turn attract negative things into your life.

Just as negative thinking will attract negative things into your life so to will positive thinking attract positive things into your life. By thinking positively you will act in a positive manner which will result in a positive life and positive things coming into your life.

If you know how to use the law of attraction you can attract almost anything you desire and also be able to reduce the things in your life that you don't want such as stress, anxiety, depression and sadness.

When you think about something your energy flows to that thought and that is where your attention is focused. What you focus on is what you will get. Likewise if you focus on something that you don't want then you are likely to get that thing that you don't want because all of your focus is on it. This is why you need to think about and focus on what you DO want in life and NOT on what you DON'T want.

My name is Sheryl Polomka and I have studied ‘The Secret’ and by using the law of attraction have been able to change my life dramatically. It's not always easy to do it on your own which is why I chose to take a personal course that really helped me learn how to attract happiness, health and wealth into my life

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