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Top Ten Reasons Why Your Not Manifesting Your Destiny


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I slapped these reasons why people have trouble manifesting their destiny together, hope its helpful.

10) Your Uninformed - This is a big one, and this is the main reason I made this blog to inform people about the law of attraction. Of course YOU can't use this excuse, because you've been attracted to this site!

9) Your Feeling Imprisoned By Your Current Reality - Is this you? Maybe someone you see everyday is very negative, and you feel it rubs off on you. Well, some good tips are to focus on that person, and think of the good things that you like about that person, maybe write them all down on a notepad.

8) Complexity Issues - I added this one, because it's honestly hard for me to apprehend why everyone hasn't embraced this development. Maybe you have trouble recognizing or appreciating the whole creative process. My advice for this, is do some research!

7) Be Very Passionate About Your Goals - “When you focus on something with a lot of passion it happens faster" - Bob Proctor

6) Not Keeping Your Mind On Task - This is one of the hardest things involved in the creative process, especially at first. Although with practice, it gets easier and easier to accomplish.

5) Not Using Your Subconscious To Accept That What You Desire Is Possible To Achieve - If you truly believe your ambitions are attainable thats when the magic happens. If you are just pretending that you believe it will never happen.

4) It Cannot Become A Chore - You cannot make yourself prone to doing this out of routine, its got to be something that you enjoy. When your happy, your sending out positive vibes, which attracts positive things. After all joy is the best pleasure of success.

3) Not Using Resources - Visual aids, audio aids, and anything else that can help you when you visualize your desires as real as possible.

2) Unmindful to What's Been Attracted to You - What's so great about the law of attraction is that it comes in the most unexpected ways, and you don't identify it as what you have been focusing on.

1) Take Action - When something arises you must take action, it will lead you to what you really want. The universe doesn't respond to delay.

Wade Parkhurst
Having trouble manifesting your destiny? Well, heres 10 reason why you might be having some trouble.
Visit my website at the link above for more useful facts about the law of attraction!


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