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The Law of Attraction Fully Explained


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The law of attraction means that you attract things into your life based on your thoughts and your feelings. Think of it as like attracting like. Think of yourself as an energy field sending out energy (both positive and negative) and receiving more of the same as what you're sending out.

If you're negative then you can expect more of negativity to come into your life. Whereas, if you're generally a positive person, then you'll receive more positive things in your life. Either way, your thoughts and feelings are calling forth further experiences into your life-both good and bad. This concept scares a lot of people. Admitting that the the law of attraction really works gives people a lot more power over their lives than they may be comfortable with. It makes people take full responsibility for their lives and thus stop blaming others and start doing what they know they are capable of doing.

This is cause for celebration, not fear and doubt.

Many people still complain about their situation and complain that this law doesn't work, but don't give it a fair chance. The fact is that it does take some work on your part to break negative thinking habits, commit to improving your actions, having faith that the law of attraction is working, and allowing for a little bit of time to see your desires manifest.

How to Live The Law of Attraction:

Once you've accepted that you are responsible for your life as you are responsible for your thoughts and feelings, you'll understand the need to control your thoughts and learn to tap into the power of positive thinking. Things like using positive affirmations, and learning how to switch your negative thoughts into positive thoughts is a key element in using the law of attraction to your advantage.

The most fun part of accepting the law of attraction is visualizing what you want. It's that simple. Learn to see yourself living the life you want-imagine it, feel it, get used to it. Take time to learn more about vision boards. You must also be close attention to your words. Stop using sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. This will only keep your frequency negative (and you want to be sending out positive frequencies).

Also, pay close attention to your actions. Are you wanting to quit your job but not looking for a new one? Are you angry with your spouse but not talking directly to them and putting forth a solution? These are steps that coincide with your positive thinking, visualizing and overall self improvement.

Sometimes, it may appear as though it isn't working. It may take some time to see big changes, especially if you've been negative for a long time. Commit to practicing some of the suggestions outlined here and open yourself to the life you want.

And remember, the law of attraction is always working. Why not try it? We believe it works. It works for us, it's worked for other people. Why not you too?

Ivy and Amanda are experienced in promoting self esteem, and offers creative and insightful self improvement tips, worksheets, quotes and articles designed to help you with your journey towards greater fulfillment.


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