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Law of Attraction - How to Stop Wanting and Finally Get What You Desire


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The entire feeling of wanting is completely corrosive to applying the law of attraction with any success. Simply your wanting is sending a direct signal to the universe that you do not have.

Think of it for a moment, how do you feel when you are “wanting" something? That feeling of wanting feels gloomy, if it does not then there is desperation and a feeling of lack inside of you. You are communicating with the laws of attraction that you do not have hence the reason for your wanting.

Trust that the laws of attraction are working for you now even when you are feeling that you don't have what you want, because in reality it is working. That feeling of wanting keeps what you want away and the feeling of wanting remains. You get what you feel and first become.

Here are 3 ways you can attract faster by removing that wanting feeling.

Become Excited

When you are excited you open up to the possibility and it means that you are living in the feeling of having it. Think of young children at Christmas time how they think about what it is they would like to have. They don't know where or when it is coming, neither do they care. All they have is that sweet good feeling of having and getting that thing they desire. Children are magical really! This is one of the most important steps in mastering the law of attraction, be excited for what you desire by anticipating it and not worrying.

Be Completely Grateful

Being grateful for what you have requires that you are able to see the divine lesson and value in everything that enters your life, even the things that you may perceive as bad and not worthwhile. The reality is that life is a school for learning, there is not one thing which is not designed to make you a better person. You are like a diamond which needs cutting, polishing and the grueling methods that go into making it shin. Love and be grateful for even the bad times. There are jewels in every life experience. Besides, that feeling of gratitude will only activate the law of attraction to assist you in having more things to be grateful for.

Align Yourself with Divine Forces

This is the more advanced part of the law of attraction and manifesting but it requires that you open up to the divine forces which balance you out. Alignment with the universal forces adds power to your ability to manifest, where you previously could not. It harmonizes your body and mind to allow you to be in a place of having and feeling abundant and not in a place of lack. Just a few moments can alter your perception of life and make you ten times more magnetic.

Do you know that there are ancient techniques that can increase your manifesting intentions and attract what you want even faster than ever? Visit to learn more about these secrets teachings. Daniel Hinds is the author of the powerful ebook Magic Money.


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