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7 Ways To Become A More Powerful Magnet


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You can easily increase your magnetism by following a few simple techniques. The more you engage in these techniques the stronger your personal energy becomes. As your energy increases you become a more powerful magnet to attract the things you desire.

1. ) One Pointed Focus - Focus is the secret to attracting the things you desire. The more focus you can give to a single thought or idea the more energy you feed that intention. The more energy you give to that idea the more attractive that thing or idea will be to you.

2. ) Increase Your Vibration Your personal energy increases as your vibration increases. As you grow to become more mindful of your emotional state you will better be able to gage your personal vibration. Your ability to attract what you want is dependent on you learning to increase your vibration.

3. ) Choosing Higher Thoughts In order to attract the things you want it is important that you become aware of the lower thoughts that you may frequently engage in. Its counter productive to say that you want to manifest one thing while several of your competing thoughts are stuck on the lower end of what is possible. It is important to frequently examine your thoughts by writing them out and transforming the lower thoughts into much higher thoughts.

4. ) Mindful Association Many people ask why does the law of attraction not work for me? It isn't that the law of attraction is not work its only that they have not properly learned how to use it in their day to day interaction. Your attraction is greatly influenced by your associations. Do the people around you speak of distraction and defeat while you are trying to hold higher thoughts of greater possibilities? As you engage in their conversation you are also engaging in their level of attraction.

5. ) Music Does It Music has the power to shift your low emotional state and take you into a heavenly place. If you are feeling stuck while trying to employ the laws of attraction in your life just find some uplifting music and you will be amazed by the power it has to shift your mood. As your mood shifts so to will your thoughts and your power to attract.

6. ) Giving is. . . You attract what you give out into the universe. The power of giving must be done from a place of good intention and expectation. If you are giving with a feeling of anger or feeling forced then that is what you will attract back to you. However if you give with the intention of blessing the once that you have given do and also with the expectation that the blessing will return to you it will and many times over. The laws of attraction are quite sensitive to the feeling state and that is what you must add to every action that you take.

7. ) Increased Personal Power Within everyone of us there is a source of power which give movement and life to all our actions and desires. This power source is also all around us but few people know how to tap into that source of power to attract what they want. If you can become aware of that power source your ability to master the laws of attraction will increase many times over.

Do you know that there are ancient techniques that can increase your manifesting intentions and attract what you want even faster than ever? Visit to learn more about these secrets teachings. Daniel Hinds is the author of the powerful ebook Magic Money.


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