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Stop Being A Slave To Reality - Create Your Own In 3 Steps Part 1 of 4

Darryl Mobley

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The Law of Attraction. What is it? The Law of Attraction is the principle by which you attract into your life that which is consistent with your consciousness - your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs - whether you are aware of them or not.

The Law of Attraction simply reveals that like attracts like, and that you will attract and materialize that which you mentally focus on and are in mental and physical alignment with.

The first step to deliberately getting what you desire is to become conscious of the current thoughts and feelings that are creating your experience and then to take responsibility for your reality.

When you accept that YOU are the creator of your reality - and not the slave of your reality - you can change it.

Your attitude attracts.

Here are 3 Ways To Use Your Attitude To Get What You Want.

1. Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions = Your Destiny

You must align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with what you desire as if you already have achieved the goal. When you are totally aligned, you will find the Law of Attraction operating in all areas of your life. This will require you to get past your self-limiting beliefs, your fears and self-defeating habits.

2. Focus on What You Want

Whatever you think about most will increase in your life. The universe will link with the incredible energy of your predominant thoughts and reflect back to you what you are focused on.

If you focus on what you don't want, on negatives, on fears - then those things will increase in your life. Like a garden, you must fertilize what you want and remove what you don't want in your life. Focus on your dreams and not on your fears. Focus on your achievements and not on your disappointments or failures. If you want “good, " then you must focus on “good. " Your actions will follow your thoughts.

Why Is Action So Important?

"Action is the fuel that ignites the fuse that burns right to your goals. " ~ Darryl L. Mobley

3. You Must Desire - Not Need

Desire is positive. Need is desperation, which is a negative feeling. Need and desperation reflect an inner negative feeling.

Your desire and your accompanying actions will fuel positive expectations and will call the universe to deliver your dreams to you. Your passions, actions and desire work together to move you toward your highest space.

What you feel you need and the desperation that accompanies it will actually call the universe to keep giving you that which keeps you in need and keeps you desperate. In effect, need and desperation will cause the universe to reject what you really desire.

© 2008 Darryl L. Mobley

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