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Attract Money Fast By Choosing What You've Already Got?

Amy S. Grant

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People often ask me, “How can I get more money NOW?"

It's an interesting question, really. Especially when you consider that time is merely an illusion and all time (past, present and future) exists right now in this moment.

Many times when I'm coaching a client or speaking in front of a group, I feel compelled to remind people that this moment - right now - is all you've got. When you really get present to what I'm talking about, you realize what a tremendous waste of time and energy it is to worry about the future, or to feel regret about the past.

Whenever your mind drifts off into the future or the past, you're letting what you CAN control (right now) slip away from you. And you can't ever get that back.

And yet, to indulge in feelings of regret or remorse for wasting this present moment would only waste even more “right now" moments.

It's a vicious cycle, and the only way to break it is to return to the here and now.

Just for a moment, stick with me and take a look at any part of your life that isn't working as smoothly as you'd like.

Odds are, you are refusing to accept the current situation as it is.

I know, I know, this seems to be a complete contradiction of what many Law of Attraction teachers are preaching, but the fact of the matter is, most people have very convoluted ideas about visualization and “acting as though. "

Let's say for example that right now, you don't have as much money as you'd like. That's a pretty safe bet, since you're reading this book, looking for ways to invoke instant abundance.

"Acting as though" you have plenty of money doesn't mean you spend what you don't have, and it doesn't mean you spend all your time visualizing and daydreaming about some time in the future when you will have plenty of money to do the things you want to do.

"Acting as though" means taking this moment - right now - and knowing that you have plenty, in this very moment. It means being at peace with exactly how much money is in your bank account (and how much isn't).

It means choosing what you have right now - not forever, but just right now, in this moment.

It's been said that whatever you resist, persists. If you refuse to accept what you have right now, it's because you are resistant, and the current situation will persist for as long as you resist.

If you're broke, you probably have frequent thoughts like these: “This sucks. I hate being broke. I'm so sick of worrying about money. I hate not being able to afford stuff. I wish I could have _(fill in the blank). "

Every time you entertain a thought like that, you are resisting what's so ($X in your pocket or bank account).

Every time you resist it, it persists, and you get more of the same.

Which is exactly what you don't want.

This is why it doesn't work to never talk about what's wrong - it's far better to spill it (once, briefly - I'm certainly not talking about droning on and on, or telling everyone who'll listen). Once you spill it, let it go and move on.

Try this the next time you get irritated. Acknowledge how ticked off you are (even if it's just out loud, alone in your car) and watch how much better you feel. There's a whole access to power in saying “I am so angry right now!" versus silently seething and trying to make the feeling go away.

The way out is by choosing what you have, right now, in this moment.

Choosing your current reality doesn't mean you're choosing it forever, or that you're resigning yourself to being stuck with it. Unlike resistance, choosing returns your power to you, and allows you to regain control.

Choosing what you already have (which, by the way, also applies to your body, your relationship, your career, and pretty much everything else) frees you up to choose something different in the next moment.

The next time you look at a low balance in your bank account, don't immediately think, “this sucks!" But don't go to the other extreme either - don't look at a dwindling account balance and affirm, “I'm getting richer every day!" because your mind knows it's a lie and this kind of dishonesty breaks down your ability to trust yourself.

Instead consider saying this:

"Right now, I have $X. XX in my bank account. That's how much I have right now, in this moment. I choose the amount I have right now, and I know a lot can happen in a day (week, month, etc. )"

Now do that and tell me you don't feel one thousand times better than trying to affirm something that simply isn't true!

Here's an added bonus to living in the now and choosing your reality: you don't have to worry about money - ever again.

When you stay in the present moment, it's easy to see that right now, you have everything you need.

If you think you don't, consider that your life is not being threatened in this very moment, while you read this. In this moment, you have plenty. There's food in your cupboards, a roof over your head, and you have the ability to see and read and learn. You even have access to a working computer.

Any other thought besides peace and harmony means you've taken yourself out of the present moment.

Right now, you are enough. Right now, you have plenty. Right now, you are perfectly cared for, and you have all you need.

Now, if you can't quite grasp that yet, keep practicing staying in the moment until you “get it. " It's a bit like riding a bike and getting your balance for the first time - you might struggle to learn it, but once you “get it, " you can never un-learn it. Soon enough, it will become a habit and you will be able to easily remain in the now.

While you're practicing, here are three fun and easy exercises to help you access instant feel-good abundance right now:

1 - Put money in your pocket.

Get a $100 bill (or if you absolutely can't afford that, a $50 or $20 will work) and carry it with you in your wallet or pocket. Don't stash it in the back where it won't be seen - stick it in your wallet where you will see it every time you open your wallet, or in your pocket where you can feel it whenever you reach into your pocket.

Every time you're out somewhere and you see something that costs $100 (or the amount that you've designated for this exercise), think to yourself “I could buy that right now. "

It doesn't mean you will, of course, but there is tremendous power in knowing you CAN. This is an easy way to choose what's true in the moment and feel good about it.

What's more, you'll get used to having money around - every time you touch the bill in your pocket or see it when you open your wallet, you're reinforcing your subconscious with the idea that you do in fact HAVE money. This is a fun and easy way to retrain your subconscious mind - without spending all day dreaming about “someday. "

2 - Start an abundance log.

Use a sheet of paper, or an Excel spreadsheet if you like to get fancy. If you're low on money, begin by tracking every single form of abundance that comes into your life - a coupon, sale or discount on something you were going to buy anyway, a meal that someone else cooked or paid for, a quarter you find on the ground, a gift, an invitation, anything good that comes to you.

Likewise, track all revenue and money that comes into your life: sales, commissions, affiliate payments, rebates, winnings, paychecks, everything.

Whatever you give your focus, energy and attention will grow, so if you want more money, start noticing and appreciating how much you are already getting, and watch what happens.

3 - Go window shopping.

What are your goals? What would you love to have in the next 30 days? A new car? A new home? Clothes? A watch? A boat? Don't just daydream about it - go out and start shopping for it.

My husband and I began shopping for luxury homes long before we moved into our brand new 4,000 square foot home, and every time we walked into a show home or a model, we sat in the furniture, we gazed out the window at the mountain views, and we owned that property in our minds. Go window shopping!

See for yourself what a powerful experience it is to feel the watch of your dreams on your wrist - sense the weight of it, see it sparkle, hear the ticking - all this is far more powerful than looking at a picture in a magazine and trying to imagine what it will be like “someday" when that watch is yours. Take possession in your mind right now and watch how quickly you can manifest what you want.

What are you waiting for? Go get busy choosing what you've got right now, so you can be free to choose differently in the next “right now" moment.

And remember, when you center yourself in the right now, you have everything you need.

Since the tender age of 13, Amy Scott Grant has captivated audiences of all ages and demographics with her razor-sharp wit, contagious enthusiasm and bold authenticity. Blessed with a gift for reaching people at their core, Amy has grown and cultivated this talent to pursue what she is most passionate about: assisting people in transforming their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

Today, Amy is a results-oriented coach and spiritual guide, as well as speaker, author, entrepreneur, wife and mother. To attract more money now, visit Amy's money-mindset website: and get full access to the entire site for just $1 for 30 days.


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