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The Role Her Attractiveness Plays When It Comes To Your Ability To Attract Her

Teddy Shabba

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In what way does a woman's level of attractiveness play a role in your ability to attract her? This is a question many men wonder about the answer to. Assuming that you already know that her attractiveness does not play a role in how you act and behave around her.

In other words, you treat all women as if you were mildly interested in her and simply giving her an opportunity to experience your reality. The question now becomes what role does her perceived attractiveness to herself play in your ability to attract her?

While it would be nice if she was indifferent to her perceived attractiveness of herself, the truth is the more attractive she feels about herself the more attractive she is going to have to find you in order to attract her. Women who feel attractive at that moment will only be attracted to men who they perceive to be just as attractive.

It also means that when a woman is feeling unattractive she will find it difficult to be attracted to men who she really finds attractive. If she also happens to be looking or desiring to hook up with a guy he still must be at or greater than her own perceived level of attractiveness.

However, once her level of attractiveness goes up in her mind you still must be greater than that level in order to have a chance with her.

In other words, many times you can attract women who are “out of your league" simply because they aren't feeling sexy or attractive in the moment. Yet, the moment they get out of their funk they will also dump you if you haven't proven yourself to be in their “league".

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