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Do You Know the Secret?


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There seems to be a great deal of publicity for the DVD “The Secret" and more generally “The Law of Attraction" all over the internet at the moment.

It seems people are waking up to the fact that, what you focus on, you tend to create in your life. Speaking to you as someone who understands the power of taking control of your life, I'd reinforce this message wholeheartedly. You really have the power to create almost anything you truly want in your life and are creating your experience of life with your thoughts every moment of every day.

However, my experiences speaking to people about this over the last few months have led me to believe that many people are missing a crucial detail.

The pace of life is speeding up and we live in a world where people increasingly want to make things easier and quicker and that includes me. My coaching philosophy is about helping people make the changes in their life they've been procrastinating on for years, and I believe the easier we can make those changes the better.

However, in listening to “The Secret"etc. many people seem to have decided that all you have to do is “ask" and the universe will provide for you, “Your wish is my command" as they say in the film.

The truth is there really is more to it than that, you have a big part to play too, and by part to play I mean action to take. Many people seem to have missed this part in the film.

Taking charge of your thoughts and visualising what you want will transform what appears in your life and then you have to take action when the opportunities arise.

The first steps of the process help you clarify what you want, get you on the path to believing you can have it and then sensitises your unconscious filters to the opportunities that are all around you all of the time. Then it's your turn, when an opportunity arises, you have to take action.

If you want to use the metaphor of the “universe providing" then you could see taking action as your part of the bargain

Taking action and being willing to learn from the feedback is a crucial element of personal empowerment.

Too many people these days are waiting for the time to be perfect, or for other people to act so they can act. By developing the habit of being proactive, taking action and learning from the result, people can break out of their old fears and realise much more of their potential.

So maybe the next time you find yourself thinking, I'll do that when. . . , or I wish they'd do . . . then I could. . . etc. Maybe you could just ask: “What can I do right now to move this forward?"

It could be as simple as making the phone call!

But do it!

Whatever it is do it and begin to break those old reactive patterns today!

Accepting that in taking action you will get a result, and you can learn and develop from that result, be it the result you wanted or not.

As you begin to take more action, I'll think you'll find as many people throughout history have found before you, that life tends to reward action.

It's no secret that action combined with reflection and learning from the result leads to every success in life, from a baby learning to walk, to the first steps on the moon. All success is built on this simple principle.

So, what action could you take today? Or maybe a better question is,

What action will you take today?

Whatever it is, if you were to do it today, what could you learn?

And remember to have some fun today too,

Anth Quinn has been described as the best-kept secret in Personal Development; he is a straight talking champion of everyday people and despite developing a loyal following of over 10,000 readers he managed to avoid publicity.

He says that he finally stepped up to right what he saw as fundamental flaws in much of the personal development industries and he became determined to do something about this.

Despite a massive amount of good information out in the market place Anth says that most people never make long lasting positive changes in their life. Why is this? Well, he says almost every personal development guru is missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle, and it's not what you think!!

You can check out his blog at

and his free “daily action tips" at


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