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The Power of Appreciation

Rory Singh

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Maybe you're already in a position where you are absolutely satisfied with your life. That is a wonderful position to be in. Maybe you're not satisfied & you feel that life has cheated you or that maybe even looked over you. That's okay for now but what you may not realize is that before life can deal you a better hand you must first appreciate what you already have.

Here is what I mean:

  • Be thankful that you have a roof over your head.

  • If you have a job - be thankful that you are currently employed.

  • If you have a business - be thankful that you are your own boss.

  • If you have been blessed with children - be thankful for that you were able to have them.

  • Be thankful for what the food that you get to eat every day.

  • If you're in a relationship, look at all of your partner's good qualities & be thankful for that.

  • Be thankful just for being alive.

    It doesn't matter how bad you think life is right now because there are many people who would gladly step into your shoes at any given time. No matter how little you think you have there is always someone somewhere who has a lot less.

    If you disagree with me no worries but why not try this appreciation thing out for just 3 days. For 3 days appreciate all that you have. Look around where ever you might be & acknowledge your position in life. Then when ever you look at what you have say thank God for the abundance that I have received. If you can keep this kind of momentum going for the next 3 days you will start to see some kind of sign of better things to come.

    If you have already been appreciating everything in your life for some time, give yourself a hug.

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