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The 7 Steps That Will Attract The Love, Happiness, And Success You Want

Nancy Nichols

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  • Ever wondered how some women attract the interest of almost every man they meet?

  • Can a woman break her cycle of repeatedly committing to the Wrong Man?

  • How does a woman meet, date and gain love and devotion of their Dream Man?

    The biggest problem that single women have in finding, dating and attracting their Dream Man is that they repeatedly sabotage their dating and relationship opportunities with their negative attitudes, bad dating behavior, or they choose men who are incapable of contributing to a meaningful relationship. A woman may not realize that she is saying or doing the things that run quality men off, or that she habitually attracts the wrong man; nevertheless, it is her low self-esteem issues, a weak sense of intuition and her inability to understand men that is, most times, at the core of her dating and relationship problems.

    The 7 Steps

    1) Develop an open-minded mindset about the men you meet and date. Enjoy dating a wider range of men because the next man you meet could turn out to be a new supportive male friend, a romantic hookup for a girlfriend, or just when you least expect it, your Dream Man magically appears.

    2) Find your authentic self. Face your fears, forgive your shortcomings, forget your failures and move beyond the negative influences of your past. Once you have done that you can uncover and capitalize on your God-given talents and the abilities and strengths that you have earned by living life. It is then you will unleash the confidence, passion and ability to attract and achieve the things you want most in life.

    3) Identify and clean up your negative attitudes and bad dating behavior that have in the past run men off. If you don't know what they are, ask a close girlfriend, but be prepared for what you hear.

    4) Maintain a social life that doesn't include a man; enjoy quality time with your girlfriends. More importantly, learn to spend time alone and enjoy your own company. Tell yourself, “It's nice to have man. Want one. But don't need one if he is a dysfunctional man. "

    5) Never compare yourself to another woman: your appearance, your family and friends, your career, possessions, intelligence, talents or background. It will only chip away at your confidence and self-esteem.

    6) Define the characteristics and qualities that are important to you in a man. Journal the events and your thoughts about the man you are dating. Keep your romantic longings in check while you are dating him. And always ask yourself objectively, “Is he your Dream Man or the Wrong Man. " Only time will tell.

    7) If you are in a bad relationship, it may be time for you to consider your life without him. Once out of a bad relationship, you will only benefit if you stop making the same relationship mistakes.

    For more information on how to “capture" the love and devotion of your Dream Man visit Nancy Nichols’ website at She is a consultant and frequent contributor to Steven Kay's business talk radio show, “Life, Business, Money" on CNN AM 650 in Houston, Texas.

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