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How Do Entrepreneurs Do It? The Incredible Power Of Mental Focus

Kerry Needs

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Wouldn't you just love to know how the likes of Richard Branson or Dragon's Den entrepreneur Peter Jones accumulated their wealth? To truly discover the attributes and qualities that separates the rich, successful people from those who struggle against life?

Well, all successful people have one thing in common- the power of their mental focus. These people are experts in mirroring their inner world with what they desire in their outer world. It is living the principles of Whole Science to its fullest- noticing and appreciating that our inner, mental world is not distinguishable from the outer, material world.

It truly seems a miracle how many entrepreneurs go from nothing to great riches, doesn't it? So what is it about their mental state that is so important? And how can you replicate this mind-set to succeed in your life? Just think-what would happen if you won the lottery tomorrow, if you became a millionaire overnight? I'm sure you're already thinking of the house(s) you would have, the places you'd visit, the clothes you'd wear. . . and soon enough you're becoming excited at the prospect of having wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

What would happen if I told you that part of what you were doing just then is the secret to many entrepreneurs’ success? No, not dreaming of winning the lottery, but thinking of all those things you do want. I bet if I told you to think of a car you'd like to buy, you have a mental image- right? Maybe even hearing the sound of the powerful engine or the good feeling you'd have driving it around.

Entrepreneurs have these kinds of images running through their heads pretty much all the time, which enables them to consistently gain the specific results they want.

'The power of positive thinking’ has now become a marketable commodity. From empowerment gurus such as Anthony Robbins to groundbreaking movies such as ‘The Secret', we are consistently told that the way to achieve our desires is to focus on what we want- not what we don't want.

Anthony Robbins likens it as to a speed rally driver racing round a track- if we focus on the wall, that's what we're going to crash into! To achieve the outcomes, goals and dreams you truly want in life, focusing on the end point- where you want to go, is the main key to success.

So what if there were solid, reliable scientific evidence for the power of mental focus? I'm guessing we would all begin to hold images in our minds of cheques instead of bills arriving through the post! But firstly, why is it important to focus on where you want to go, instead of those things you want to avoid? Well, by making pictures or images in your mind, you are giving instructions to your unconscious mind.

Believe it or not, your unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a real image and an imagined one, which is why dreams can often seem so terribly lifelike and can sometimes frighten us- as if they were actually happening. An important thing to remember is that the unconscious mind does not process negatives. It actually deletes them. The reason being is that you will, consciously or unconsciously, create an internal picture or representation of that which you were trying to avoid. Have you ever thought ‘I mustn't spill this’ or ‘I better not knock that over’ . Your unconscious mind will create a picture of that which you wish to avoid- so a spilt glass of wine or broken crockery can often result.

But what about those negative things we hold in our mind on a consistent basis? Things like ‘I'm poor’ or ‘ I'm no good at anything’. What kind of images do these create?

'So what?’ You may be thinking. ‘It doesn't actually matter what thoughts I have, positive or negative, these thoughts are mine and thinking positively won't change a thing’. This would be indeed true under the interpretation of our current scientific model. However, the power of our mind is much more influential than we first thought.

To put it briefly, advances in physics have discovered that when you delve through the levels of our being, our molecules and our atoms, all that is left is energy- interconnected energy fields. They discovered that particles also act like waves, and can change depending on our observation.

What do I mean? Well, everything exists as possibility, or a waveform. When quantum physicists discovered that the act of observation causes possibility to collapse, it meant that our minds have the potential to create reality.

Simply put, our minds are like a laser beam which when focused, have the potential to change the ‘energy’ around us. Since the new paradigm of science has revealed that mind and matter are part of the same force, the same ‘energy', it means that having a consistent focus is akin to being a magnet, pulling those things toward you which you hold in your mind.

Our thoughts create our reality? Having focused thoughts of wealth can bring us riches? Surely, its not that easy? I hear you say. And you'd be right. Just think, if our minds are lasers we need to have enough power within us to drive that laser towards what we want. Many successful people have noted that a burning desire and passion towards what they wanted to achieve helped them towards financial freedom.

As Napolean Hill, author of the acclaimed ‘Think and Grow Rich’ states ‘weak desires bring weak results’. So if you were setting up a business say, but were not truly focused, passionate or determined about that business it is less likely to succeed.

To create enough ‘mental energy’ that is needed to achieve your goal there has to be so much desire for what you want that it will drive you into taking action. For example, entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump, Duncan Bannatyne and Richard Branson all mention that their goals sometimes became a bit of an obsession- something that they would pursue at all costs.

So as you think of that house or car you want, stop, and just ask yourself- how much do I really want this? You'll know how much if you get an excited feeling- the feeling of ‘I've got to have this!’ Ask yourself- what will it be like if you get what you want? Imagine living in the house, or driving that car. If your reaction is nothing less than bursting with excitement and enthusiasm you can be sure you're on the right track.

By Kerry Needs, Director of Whole Science Discover The Power of You by exploring frontier science and self development resources on the power of consciousness- the power of the mind.


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