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How To Change Your Life Forever?


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Few years ago, I always puzzled with this question: What I really want to achieve in my life? After I soul searching quite a long time, I finally decide to write my own mission statement about my life so that I can have real picture in what I want to do in my life.

This is my mission statement.

To improve myself and others in all area.


1. To make this world a better place.

2. To leave legacy for my children.

3. Because I really love everyone.

4. I wish happiness for everyone.

5. I always and always believe that life is just that beautiful.

What can I do to achieve my purpose:

1. I have continuously learning all my life.

2. I have become rich.

3. I have always and always improve myself in all area.

4. I have and always learn how to associate myself with others.

5. I am become an entrepreneur, scholar and great leader.

6. I am helping others to attain their purpose.

7. I have become the best for myself.

You may find weird the way I wrote my mission statement. But, the reason I wrote my mission statement the way you seen it right now is because actually I am applying one of the greatest secret of success: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Since here then, everything that I do, I write my mission statement, what my expectation in that particular action and my reason I am doing it. After I wrote my mission statement, I then decide what I want to do in my life.

First, I write what I want as my goal. Second, I decide what can I do right now to achieve most of my goal. What action can I take. After that, I visualize myself already achieving every goal I have wrote and believing it I already achieving it and feel very thankful with everything that I have achieve and visualize. Then, immediately I take action what I want to do right now that I believe can help me achieve my goal.

First, I want to correct some statement that you need to do nothing to achieve your goal. It is WRONG. You may need to act like you already achieving your goal according to the law of ATTRACTION but that is only in your mind. Because it is impossible for you to act like you rich but you don't.

The only thing you can do is thinking, feeling and believe that you already achieve your goal. Make yourself feel very grateful with everything that you have. Appreciate everything, improve yourself continuously in all area in your life, take responsibility, develop your character and show yourself that you deserve what you want. And then finally, ACT LIKE YOU ALREADY ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.

After I do all the things that I have wrote, my life is start to change. I begin to really learn about myself and feel I have the power to control my life. Everything that I want to achieve began to appear in front of my eye. Some are predictable and some are don't. I feel so much fun and feel very grateful for everything that I have right now. Now, I really believe that we are responsible for our own life.


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