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Your Stinking Thinking Matters - Or Does It?

Melanie Hirsch

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What You Think Matters, or does it really? What you think about, and what you think about what you think about, really can have in impact. Stinking Thinking really will bring about a stinky life.

What you think and what you believe about your life and your dreams really does matter. The ability to accomplish your dreams, hopes and desires is tied so closely to what you think about, you would be amazed. What you think about, you bring about!

Positive or negative thinking controls your future! What future do you want?

Begin to notice what you are saying to yourself. Develop control over your thoughts and the self talk you do each day and watch how things begin to change.

Catch yourself as you talk to yourself. What are you saying? Are these thoughts positive ones about you and your life or are you talking trash and nonsense or spewing out someone's garbage talk that you heard when you were ten or maybe even last week?Let their stuff be their stuff and then you decide what stories you will believe about yourself. . . . and as long as it's up to you. . . make them good stories!

If you are a positive thinker you will attract the positive in life. If you have a negative outlook then negative things will happen in your life. Therefore, what you achieve is determined by what you put most of your attention on.

A key principle in positive thinking is that successful people focus on what they do want while others focus on what they don't want. Listen to your self talk again. . . . Are you saying- I wish I felt better. . . which is a focus on poor health, or are you saying, I am so grateful for what I have or so grateful that I have two eyes, two ears, two feet- whatever the thought, fill in your blank. What is that saying about the person who feels bad that they have no shoes until they meet the person with no feet.

Wealthy people focus on getter richer, while less fortunate people focus on not being poor. The focus of their thinking is different - the rich want more wealth while the poor just want to pay their bills. If you desire to just pay the bills then that's what you'll attract and you'll just pay the bills never really getting ahead of the game. Positive thinkers admire others in the position they wish to attain while others resent the people who have what they want.

People who wish to attract success into their lives focus on the opportunities they see in every situation while other see the obstacles they must overcome. Successful people don't ignore the obstacles but they see them as opportunities instead of insurmountable stumbling blocks.

What and how you think really does matter! So pay attention, don't judge yourself harshly. . .be kind and take it one thought at a time!

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