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The Basics of Visualization

Debbie Simon

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If you feel that the ability to visualize anything is beyond you, then try these steps. First close your eyes. Then pay attention to your breathing. Pretend that you are looking at yourself from inside of yourself. That might sound odd, but however that manifests for you is fine. You are watching your breath from inside of yourself. From what part of your body do you breathe? Place your attention there. Imagine that you are standing in front of 3 doors. Each one has a sign. The door on the left says “Mystery", the door in the center says “Opportunity" and the door on the right says “Love". There is no correct choice here, just choose the door that “lights up the most for you" and walk through it. Go with your first impulse. Go with the door that seems to be breathing and is bursting open almost on its own.

As you walk through the door notice any tingling sensations in your body. These sensations are the messages that we get all the time when we make decisions or take a risk. These are the sensations that say “yes" or “no" and guide us. We often ignore them. As you get to know your own cues, you can listen better to what the right answers are for you.

Walk through the door you chose. Turn on the light and wait. A visualization like this might not manifest right away but if you repeat it and then observe what happens in your outer life you will begin to notice a connection between the exercise and real life. Opportunity, mystery and love. Try this a few times walking through different doors on different days. See what happens. Write down what you remember from each experience and then observe the days that follow.

Debbie Simon, LCSW is a NY State Licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach. She uses visualization as a tool to accelerate the process toward manifestation and success. In her 20 years of practice she has helped hundreds of people change their lives in significant ways.


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