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Law of Attracting Positive Things in Life


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Step 1 Focus on what it is that you want with joy, and just know that you will get what you want or better. Each time you focus on your desires, see happiness and see it as if it already happened and give thanks.

Step 2 Why do you want it? Desire to have something is not enough. You need to change your belief system. Changing your belief system will allow your desires and want to flow effortless.

Step 3. Visualize when creating your desires. By visualizing your desires through mental pictures or by viewing actual pictures of your desires, such as a new home, or a shiny new car, you can easily keep your emotional vibrations at a level that communicate your intent is still strong.

Step 4 When do you want it? The more you talk and think about what you want and when you want it, the better. So add a time frame. “Thanks for helping me get $30,000 over the next 8 months, so that I can use to pay off my SUV. "

Set up a moderate time frame in which to achieve your goal. “I want 10 million dollars by tomorrow"but most likely you won't be able to get yourself into alignment with that goal in time for it to actually come into existence, dream big but be rational.

Step 5 Believe IT you can ACHIEVE IT. You can have anything that you can think of as long as it's believable.

As you grow and develop more self confidence then what you believe you can accomplish will also grow. We are all restricted at an individual level by what we believe that we can have or deserve.

Step 6 Celebrate small victories. BUILD ON SUCCESS not FAILURES. As your confidence develop, so will your ability to manifest at a greater level.

Step 7 Focus on what you've done that was successful, and this relative only to you. It doesn't matter what others have accomplished at this point. Focus simply on your SUCCESS.

So get out of your comfort zone and start living the good life.

Shirley Walker is an Elementary School Teacher who love to write articles on self-help. To learn more about the article visit her website:

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The Law of Attraction - Attracting Wealth in Your Life
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