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3 Way to Amplify Your Attraction to Money


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You can start to put the law of attraction to work magic in your life by following the 3 techniques for intense and fast results.

Change What Money Means to You

One of the most powerful secrets to putting the law of attraction into money motion is to change what money means to you. Poor people see money as unattainable, hard to come by and there is the belief that you must work for money. Did you get that secret? Working for money, has placed money in a position of power above you. Consciously and subconsciously you have a belief of being a servant for the money that you desire. Money is working you as opposed to you working money.

Weaving the Spell of Power Over Money

People who attract money easily have a unique relationship towards money that poor people don't have. Those who attract money easily see money as the servant. They have attributed an animated feature towards money by placing the desire within money so that money desires to work for them. As you shift the paradigm between you and money, the attraction changes, money will come to you. Money will be dreaming its way towards you, as opposed to you dreaming money into existence.

The Secret to The Law of Attraction

The secret to applying the law of attraction is to change your belief first. If you change how you want to see things in physical reality the things will change to match your belief. You are free to attract in your life whatever you want in whatever way you want. Money is no different from anything else, however people have a hard and fast way of looking at money that makes it impossible to be attracted to them.

You can increase your magnetic power by releasing resistance between you and what you want to attract, especially resistance between money and yourself. As you remove the resistance the path towards you becomes clear. Applying the principles of attraction then become easier.

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Law Of Attraction And Money
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