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The Body Language of Sexual Attraction in Women


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Here is some news for you: Most attractive women are going to know within a matter of mere seconds whether or not you are a *** aware and *** confident man, upon seeing you or interacting directly with you. This is the point where they make a purely unconscious decision of whether or not you could ever be a possible *** partner. Can you imagine that all of this is done within a matter of seconds or minutes? These unconscious decisions tend to be based on voice tone, and the body language of *** attraction.

Since at this point we know that attraction is not really a choice that we can make, some things can be generalized as follows -

- If you are unaware of what type of body language communicates that you are sexy or desirable, then you are probably making mistakes completely by accident that could be affecting your chances.

- The words that you say are not really what matters at all. What really matters is how you go about saying them, with a combination of your voice and your body language.

- It is quite possible for you to learn exactly what it will take to communicate that you are both quite *** aware, and confident in nature, using the tone of your voice and your body language. Learning this skill is going to make the art of attracting beautiful women much easier than before. Unfortunately, not enough people are paying attention to this concept, because too many men out there are caught up in the concept of being macho, and as a result they find themselves wasting away without the ability to attract a beautiful woman.

If you are unaware of what it takes to project the right kind of voice and body language, you are probably doing something wrong. The right moves can give a woman a serious jolt of *** attraction, but if you are doing anything wrong, you need to change your way of thinking and behaving. Attraction is based so largely on voice and body language, that the only effective way to attract women from the word go is going to be mastering the art of getting her attention and sending a jolt of attraction down her spine.

Here's an example: If you see a woman that you believe to be attractive, use eye contact longer than her. Do not look away, no matter how self conscious you are feeling. She will notice you looking, and she will appreciate it if you continue looking longer than she does.

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The Guide To Reading Body Language Of Women
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