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Manifestation - How To Manifest All Your Desires By The Secret Law Of Attraction


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Whatever happens around you, gets to be there due to some contribution from your side. You speak and behave in certain ways and that shapes how others react to you and that is how your relationships get defined. You have preferences regarding dress, decor and lifestyle and that is what gets defined around you. So, you ARE responsible for whatever you have around you: people, things, luxuries etc. . .

So, by extension, could we say that if you could ask for more or for a different set of things around you, would they get manifested, would they mysteriously appear around you.

This is exactly what is Manifestation. And it is exactly what the Law of Attraction spelled out in the book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne propounds.

You may wonder, is it all that simple: to wish and to have it in your life.

Well, the secret is to project your emotional wants onto your spiritual self. You will find that this route from your emotional being to your spiritual self opens up immense possibilities.

Rhonda Byrne gives a three step formula




All the three steps are immensely important.

You must ask with your soul. You must believe that the goal you have in mind is already done. You must start living, subconsciously, as if the new reality has already been manifested. This is not befooling yourself, it is not a case of the fool's paradise. It is the strength of your belief that it has to happen. That which you dream of, WILL happen. The sheer strength of your belief would ensure behavioral changes in you as well as major changes in the circumstances surrounding you.

Once the manifestation starts working, you would be amazed to notice that you start making the right connections with the right people at the right time to get the supremely successful results effortlessly.

Manifestation also works to see that your bad habits and ways of your mind which are counter productive start to fall off automatically. You stop procrastinating, stop wasting time and you shed off your bad habits as if you never had them.

Once your wishes are manifested, your relationships too get uplifted out of the morass of apathy that they might have got into. You automatically sense the mood of the people around you and know what to do. Others, by just being in your presence, get to feel happier and more contended and thus your relationship with them improve dramatically. And all this happens effortlessly.

Even health problems could be wished away by the power of manifestation and your illnesses simply disappear.

How it all happens

A spiritual field surrounds and permeates us all the time. One can touch that field rarely and it could be done only through spiritual practice, when you dedicate yourself through meditation to get in touch with it. You have to subjugate your desires and quieten your mind. Your mind is usually filled with concerns of the here and now. But you are gunning for a superior reality. So the flotsam of thoughts regarding the here and now must dissipate, must be banished and a quietude nurtured through meditation to get in touch with the spiritual field that is bounteous.

This spiritual field is a repository of infinite possibilities. It contains what anyone can wish for and beyond, onto glorious spiritual bounties only accomplished sages have been privy to. But the fact that it potentially encompasses any and all of our desires , leads to the premise that if we can tune ourselves to this spiritual field, all our desires would get manifested, as if by magic. This is The Secret, Rhonda Byrne had collated out of her interviews with successful people. This is what is Manifestation .

Some of us have always believed in the heart of our hearts that there is more to this world, this life, than meets the eye. It is not all about growing up, getting educated and getting into the big bad world into the rat-race and making a life out of it, bumbling and stumbling along never reaching where we would like to see ourselves. We know that there is a spiritual reality and there are hidden powers that man could harness in oneself. Indeed, such powers exist as certain guys like Uri Geller have shown that man can tap into. All our unfulfilled dreams and more could all come true. If only we knew the correct methods to follow, the subtle steps to the process that ought not to go wrong. You would be amazed to know that such methods not only exist but have been documented carefully and compiled all at one place to smoothen your journey to an altered state of existence without any drugs whatsoever, solely by hypnotically suggestive methods that are safe and completely without any negative after effect. Be empowered with secret powers that are waiting to be manifested within you. Learn More.


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