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Manifestation - 10 Steps To Achieve Manifestation - Make All Your Dreams Come True


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Manifestation is the process by which you can achieve untold successes and make all your dreams come true. It is based on a principle of sustained hypnotic suggestion. Here is a step by step approach to achieve Manifestation.

1. RELAX-completely. Relax your body first from tip to toe, rather from toe to tip i. e. start from your toes, make them feel relaxed, then continue upwards. . . your calf muscles, thighs, backside. . . arms upto the head when you would notice your mind too relaxes and let your concerns ebb away and a happiness spreads across your body, mind and soul.

2. Tap into your spiritual self- as your body and mind get relaxed, try visualizing yourself as the pure spirit with no negative thoughts or tendencies occurring, only a pure calm contendness suffusing your being.

3. Now you could be said to be in an altered state of consciousness which is the bedrock on which the process of Manifestation would be built.

4. Let's start Manifesting then. Imagine yourself to be highly satisfied and happy, supremely contented with your present position.

5. Now imagine that you have already accomplished all your goals. You are at the pinnacle of success, the height of glory in your career.

6. Experience all the good feelings of reaching your dream. Feel it vividly.

7. Use only positive words to describe your success to yourself. Do not use any negative words or thoughts whatsoever.

8. Dwell on the positive feelings at length. Feel and believe the goal to be really yours. Feel your body tingle with the excitement and your mind exhilarated with the success and your soul, supremely confident at having actualised your potential.

9. Verbalize how you achieved your success. Internalize it.

10. Believe it with your heart and soul. You have done it.

As you can see, the first three steps constitute relaxing your body, mind and soul and reach an altered state of consciousness. The rest of the steps egg you on to believe in the glorious future as strongly as possible, to recreate the vision of the future vividly with all your heart and soul.

This is Manifestation.

  • Create the inner condition
  • Plant the suggestion regarding a glorious future already attained !
  • Just sit back and wait for the circumstances in your life to adjust to this new hypothesis.

You will be amazed to observe that as a direct result of your strong belief in your future, things will start to fall in place with amazing regularity.

  • You will make all the right moves
  • Your relationships will improve
  • People around you will feel better by your mere presence
  • Your health will improve
  • You will tend to receive the right information at the right time
  • The right connections will start occurring with powerful people who could and would change the landscape of your future.

Success does not fall into your lap. But the conditions for success to germinate does. The conditions will mimic your strong belief system and the pieces will fall into place in the jigsaw called life. For more information regarding how you could reach the altered state of consciousness, see my blog .

Some of us have always believed in the heart of our hearts that there is more to this world, this life than meets the eye. It is not all about growing up, getting educated and getting into the big bad world into the rat-race and making a life out of it, bumbling and stumbling along never reaching where we would like to see ourselves. We know that there is a spiritual reality and there are hidden powers that man could harness in oneself. Indeed, such powers exists as certain guys like Uri Geller has shown that man can tap into. All our unfulfilled dreams and more could all come true. If only we knew the correct methods to follow, the subtle steps to the process that ought not to go wrong. You would be amazed to know that such methods not only exist but have been documented carefully and compiled all at one place to smoothen your journey to an altered state of existence without any drugs whatsoever, solely by hypnotically suggestive methods that are safe and completely without any negative after effect. Be empowered with secret powers that are waiting to be manifested within you. Learn More.


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