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Is the Law of Attraction For Christians?

Ricky Macharm

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This is the question I have asked myself for sometime. if you're a Christian and have watched Oprah interview the teachers from the movie The Secret, you might have wondered whether you should believe in the law of attraction as presented by these so-called teachers or not. I have often asked that question countless times.

What is the law of attraction? Simply put, it states that you create your world as you think about it with emotion. Your thoughts bring about all your experiences: car accidents, divorce, a bad employee, a wonderful experience, just to mention a few. Whatever you are presently experiencing (whether success or failure), you've attracted to yourself. Do you believe that? The teachers would want you to.

If you have watched the movie The Secret, which became a worldwide phenomenon since it was released in 2006, you would have heard bizarre claims by the teachers that would make you feel like a god without the need of a Savior, since all you do in life is to make demands “. . . on the catalog of the universe" and you get all that you want. The Universe or God is your genie and when you rub that lamp (by asking) he would just do as you wish and give it to you. What a silly and misleading analogy this is. if you do not know what I am talking about, just grap a copy of the Arabian Nights by going to or watch the cartoon about Aladdin, the gravity of thier claim would be clear.

What this teachers fail to tell you is that all that has limitations. If it didn't, most if not all of them, would have been listed on Forbes as the riches people on the planet!

1. Not all that you ask for manifests in your life. If it did then we would have been living in a chaotic world. Imagine a world where everybody does as he liked with no form of government. Visit any third world country with their poor systems and you will get what i mean. We need spiritual government in the form of religion or as we Christians understand it, through the loving arms of a Savior who is there to catch us when we fall or fail to reach the mark.

2. The teachers want to tell you that you do not have a call in your life. Nothing like predestination. You just decide what you want on earth. Can you imagine a world like that?

3. What about third world countries? Check out the wars and coups happening in Liberia, Congo, Nigeria and Colombia to mention a few. Babies are killed mercilessly. did they atract all that to themselves? At what point did they do that? Before they were born? Did they choose the country of their births? The law of attraction as presented by these great teachers in The Secret and other places found on the internet is insufficient to explain all these.

So, is the Law of Attraction real? I'd say yes. The law of attraction is similar to what the Bible teaches on sowing and reaping. As a Christian I believe that applies to every person alive on earth. What you sow with your words, you reap in reality. That is an understatement. It might seem like I am repeating all the teachings of the Law of attraction without accepting it as a fact. We are all spiritual beings having human experiences. Our ability to think distinguishes us from every other creature on the planet. Our minds help to connect us to our spiritual side. You can say there is a spiritual world which affects our physical world. Our words and thoughts sow in that spiritual world to bring about a germination in the physical world, which could lead to a harvest if climatic conditions are favourable for the seed planted. Confused?

When you sow a seed on any soil, it requires water, sunlight and essential nutrients to germinate. For it to grow into a seed bearing plant, it must be consistently nurtured until it fully matures into the kind of plant it was meant to be. it is a known fact that not all soil types can sustain all kinds of plants. And even some plants have shorter lifespans than some. Need i say more.

This are some of the points that the so-called teachers of the secret have missed. Some One controls all these. In manifesting things, we fail in many regards. We need a Savior who would never miss the mark to lead us into a righteous life. If not, we would definitely anihilate ourselves if all our wishes and desires were granted just like that.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as I have enjoyed writing it. I will post more on the same reading. Wish you the best as you sow daily into your life the seeds meant for the type of soil you're carrying.

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