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Adding Rocket Fuel to the Law of Attraction - Success With Major Goals

Wanda Grindstaff

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What is the Law of Attraction, Really? It is, in very basic terms, what you give “energy" and focus to will come to you. It truly is that simple, but those of us who use the power of the Law of Attraction in our lives everyday to create the results we desire, have learned many little processes to move the results faster toward us.

I would like to share one I have just recently started using. When I started this process, I was absolutely amazed at the positive energy created inside of me, therefore into the Universe to move me much closer to my goals.

It is very simple, just ask yourself, “Who is Benefiting by ME Reaching My Goal?"

Sounds too simple, right? Well it isn't. Let's walk through the process.

Let's say one of your goals is to rent a vacation home in Florida for the winter. Now, I am not talking about just any vacation home. How about 5,000 square feet, pool, jacuzzi, decks overlooking the ocean, sauna, boat and on and on and on. This home is truly something special and rents for a mere, let's say $10,000 per month. So, you want it for 3 months.

Now, stay with me here. Even though our goal is not the $30,000 to rent the house, it is the feeling you will have while in the house you are actually going to focus on. What you want your goal to look like when you visualize it is what does it feel like to be in that house. This may be difficult for some, but this little exercise will only add fuel to that energy, that feeling if you will.

So, how do we turn the jet fuel on for this goal?

We have all heard many times that you are only going to be as successful as the level of service you provide. Sometimes our goals may seem a bit self serving, such as this goal for the vacation home. But the service aspect applies not only to your business, but to your goal as well. To evaluate the level of service for this goal, ask yourself;

"Who will benefit from me renting this house for three months?".

Obviously you will and your family and friends or whoever stays with you in the home. But, here is the jet fuel part. . .

Let's go a little deeper and list some others who may benefit. Now this is only a partial list, but as you go through this, get creative and you will be amazed how fast this list grows for you. As you go through this, tap into the energy you will generate by knowing how many people you are helping and assisting.

The most obvious first:

- The homeowners

- The Reality/Management company

- The Landscapers

- The Cleaning Staff

- The Linen Service company

- The electric company

- The Water company

- The Gas company

- The Cable company

- The Telephone company

- The Pool maintenance company

- The Golf courses

- The local gym

Now some not so obvious:

- The local restaurants

- The grocery store

- The gas station

- The Theaters

- The local shops

- The local hairdresser

- The local manicurists

- The local dry cleaners

Are you beginning to feel the energy?

How about:

- The employees of the companies listed above

- The children of the employees

- The places where they shop

- The churches they attend (their tithing)

- The community charities they participate in (their level of giving)

Now do you get it?

Making the decision to have this one goal, may seem a little selfish at first and maybe you do not feel you deserve it. But, when you look at how many people you are affecting in just that one community, you owe it to yourself and the community to accomplish this goal.

Take this to the level of the new car you want, or the house you want to build. Everyone who is affected, deserves to have you accomplish this goal. Goals are reciprocal. Every time you achieve a goal, other people will benefit from it. But you must realize the effect your goal will have on the world and the community. You owe it to many other people to go for and achieve your goals. Your passion and energy to achieve the goal is a direct reflection on their lives.

It is very important for you to realize that you DESERVE to be rich. It is the rich people who feed and support the world. When you back away from goals because you feel selfish or undeserving, you are doing a dis-service to your community. What would happen to this world if the rich stopped buying and spending? Now, here is one more little point I want you to get. . .

CELEBRATE your successes and the success of others. Never feel any negatives toward the successes of others. When you see others who have something you are striving to accomplish, get excited for them. Express gratitude that yours is on it's way and be thankful that your turn is getting closer.

P. S. for those who are serious about accomplishing some major financial goals, feel free to check out this business. The compensation model is second to none!

The Author, Wanda Grindstaff is a successful business person, coach and mentor. She has assisted many people showing them what is possible in their lives and developing a path to attain it. Her primary goal is to serve others and empower them to have anything they choose.


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