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Physics and The Law of Attraction


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The Law of Attraction suggests that you live knowing that you will receive more of what you want. It may appear to be just an easy or quick-fix theory. Even if you think it is worth considering, you might not believe it really exists. Actually, Physics and the Law of Attraction is based on the scientific theories.

Quantum physics and the Law of Attraction both work on the understanding that the entire universe is composed of energy. This means both “solid" objects and even intangible things like thoughts. It’s a scientific fact that even what we think of as solid objects actually have a large amount of empty space in them. Objects are made of energy. The Law of Attraction understands this fundamental.

The Law of Attraction suggests that all of the energy that makes up our bodies and minds is continually vibrating. This creates wavelengths which vibrate at different frequencies. We actively send these frequencies into the universe.

The world and indeed the entire universe is made of energy. All of this is continually vibrating. The universe is always filled with possibilities. Our own frequencies radiate out into this gigantic ocean of vibration. And this impacts The Law of Attraction.

When our frequencies are sent out from us, they then attract similar frequencies. Because of this, you are always using the Law of Attraction to attract similar things to you. For example, if you send out negative vibrations, it’s likely that negative energy will come back to you. The Law of Attraction states that the negative frequencies are joining together with similar energies.

You can intentionally employ the Law of Attraction to center your thinking and your whole being on achieving a positive outcome. When you do this, the good frequencies you emit will join other good frequencies and come back to you as a happy result. This is far more than wishful thinking.

The whole purpose is to live in a state that you choose for yourself. It doesn’t take piles of money in the bank for you to feel wealthy. You can choose to speak, think, and act like a wealthy person. All it takes is to believe deep inside that’s what you are. The Law of Attraction can handle the rest.

For the Law of Attraction to work to its fullest, you must get excited about the choices you’re making. Your degree of excitement will help determines the strength of the vibrations you send out. When you only choose something half-heartedly, the same half-hearted energy comes back to you.

Instead if you get excited about your choices, you can enhance the power of your vibration frequencies. After that the results start pouring in. Do whatever you can to keep your excitement level high. This helps make your dreams come true through the Law of Attraction.

If however you choose to complain about things, or be negative about something, that defines the outcome you attract to yourself. The Law of Attraction works like this because the universe groups like with like. When you are negative about something, you get negative results for that thing.

There are PhDs in physics who have spent time studying how the Law of Attraction works. Some of these individuals believe strongly that the mind can control the universe. They believe the Law of Attraction is the way to do this.

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