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Can The Law of Attraction Attract Your Million Dollar Idea?


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Everyone has something important to contribute to humanity. We are all able to achieve happiness, even though many of us find it difficult to feel that way every day. Despite this, we should have hope that happiness is available to us. With the Law of Attraction, you can learn to attract a Million Dollar Idea.

When you discover your purpose - it is this that will make you feel fully joyful and rich. Self-doubt often adds a block to discovering your purpose. Before you can discover your million-dollar idea, getting past self-doubt is important.

One way to begin is to start with a list, where you write down everything you have knowledge about. From your list, choose the items which you feel may be the most marketable. Here is a strategy that you can use to make that decision, and while it may take a little effort it's worth focusing and working on it.

Take some time when you can spend a half an hour or more in a quiet place to sit and focus. You may choose to sit or lie down, but make yourself comfortable. Take a moment to listen to the sounds you hear around you. Pay attention to your breath. Count your breaths from one to 10, and repeat this slowly three times. At this point you should be very relaxed.

In this relaxed state keep your eyes closed and say “I will my million-dollar idea to come to me now. My million-dollar idea is here and I intend that it show itself to me now. " In the silence, feel what you just stated out loud. As you sit quietly, each time your thoughts take over, repeat your statement over again, and feel the statement vibrate throughout your body. After you have done this several times, or as long as you want, breathe again from one to 10, and resume your normal day.

At this point, try to remain mindful of your actions during the day. Pay attention to the things that cross your path. As you speak with other people, pay attention very closely to their words. If you see a magazine or a book, or even something on television, pay special attention to what you're seeing.

You may notice that what you begin to see are ideas, any one of which could be your million-dollar idea. If someone told you about a problem in their life, could that need require a solution? Maybe that is your million-dollar idea. Did you read an article describing new inventions, and did that spark any ideas? Have you heard someone mention something they need, something that perhaps your million-dollar idea could provide?

At first, it's likely that your million-dollar idea won't appear as a million dollar idea to you. You want to get your creative juices flowing by having lots of possibilities flow past. Throughout your day, and perhaps for several days, write down the ideas that you've received which could qualify as a million-dollar idea. You might even list dreams you have. You may begin to see patterns focused on certain ideas or central needs that other people have. These patterns are the way your million dollar idea will present itself to you. Once you have one or two ideas like this, you can begin to flesh them out. As you develop each idea a little more, it's important to remember to believe that you can do it.

Some of the biggest million-dollar ideas didn't appear that way at first. They are actually common things that everyone needs, everyday items. This is why they are so easily overlooked.

You'll become excited to realize that you may have more than one million dolllar ideas. We'll have an infinite number of ideas available to us at all times! All it takes to uncover them is to stop, ask, and listen. Before you know it, the Law of Attraction has brought you wonderful ideas. All you have to do is to make your incredible idea happen!

The Law of Attraction and Abundance has shown Steve Lobe what it means to be able to live a meaningful and abundant life and he aims to show others how they could have it to in his blog and has a FREE After The Secret Starter Kit to others take the next step after watching ‘The Secret’ DVD.


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