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The Law of Attraction and New Thought Theories


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The new thought movement which took place under the aegis of theoreticians like Ernest Holmes spoke in favor of a value-based social structure, where an individual would be at the seat of power. The movement was for rational thinking and a rational attitude to life and negation of concepts like magic or reincarnation. The theory supposed that ones rewards in life is directly related to ones contributions towards the fulfillment of your mission. The theory, like the law of attraction works on methods such as developing a positive outlook, meditation, reaffirmation and affirmative prayer. All the methods suggested by the new thought movement and the law of attraction are aimed at making an individual conscious of their powers and helping to making their dreams come to fruition by the rightful application of positive energy.

The law of attraction is a school of thought that states that a persons thought process, emotions and attitude influence their life. The theory explains that we are capable of bringing about remarkable changes in our lives, through effective thought management and rightful utilization of our positive energies. The law of attraction also supposes that strong adherence to an optimistic way of thinking can also help one to overcome negative situations in life.

The law of attraction is often closely associated with new thought theories and the two are similar in a number of ways. The new thought theory refers to are a set of religious ideas that emerged under Phineas Parkhurst Quimby in the United States towards late 19th century. The theory is inspired by Transcendentalist philosophy and the believers preach monism and use of affirmative prayers and thoughts for the fulfillment of their ends. The theory operates on a scientific way of thinking focusing upon positive thought and belief in individual abilities. Both law of attraction and new thought theories agree upon the power of mind in creating reality.

The new thought theory like the law of attraction places the individual above society and goes a little further by speaking in favor of a value-based society where the individual mind is the driving force behind all activities.

The law of attraction parallels new thought theory by speaking in favor of positive thinking and mental integrity. Positive thinking leads one to take a positive attitude towards life and this is reflected in changed circumstances. He who chalks out the pros and cons of every situation is able to make the best even out of an unpromising condition. The ability to learn from failures by adapting a positive mental attitude helps overcome drawbacks by turning them into strengths. Positive thinking, which is one of the chief principles of both the theory and law of attraction, also underlines the importance of a strong mental integrity.

Mental integrity or unity of thought, in the light of the theory implies a feeling of confidence and belief for ones thought. The law of attraction and the new thought theory both suggest we should have a full understanding of our wants, the ends we wish to achieve and the means to accomplish it. Thus, the it is in harmony with the law of attraction, and is in favor of self analysis and examination along with transparency of thought and action.

The goal or the end, according to the law of attraction is aimed at bringing about our maximum happiness by employing our mental powers. The new thought theory, on the other hand, transcends to universal goodness which implies that individual contribution leads to the fulfillment of a cosmic end. This again points out those collective efforts, which is a combined work of all individual leads the accomplishment of a mission, which may seem impossible to attain otherwise. Thus, the theory, which is a commonly association with the law of attraction, is similar to it in a number of ways and is also an extension of the latter.

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