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About Semantics of Law of Attraction


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It is important to discuss the meaning of words used in the Law of Attraction process. From the “get go, " humans have been developing symbols and language to communicate their ideas and needs. Different symbols, and even different dialects and languages, were developed for the same word. For example, there are many words and expressions for greeting a person in the English language including: “hi, " “hello, " “hey, " “how are you, " “what's up, " “greetings, " and “salutations, " to name a few. Other languages also have their words for saying hello. The point is, there are different words and expressions that all mean the same thing.

The same principle can be applied to universal laws. It really doesn't matter what you call them or which language you use, they all work the same way. For example, you can call gravity: a force, gravitation, a pull towards the center of the Earth, heaviness or weight, and it still means the same thing, acts in the same way and has the same set of properties. Our preferred semantics are for our own understanding and clarity as they do not change the properties of the object or law being referred to.

It is important to discuss semantics when teaching about the Law of Attraction because it is one of the universe's spiritual or social laws. People have a range of different words and expressions they use to describe their understanding of anything spiritual. Like the law of gravity, the Law of Attraction works the same no matter what words we prefer to use in describing it. For example, I may use the words: energy, God's energy, or universal energy, interchangeably. All major religions include examples and you may wish to choose an example from the faith tradition and teachings you are most familiar and comfortable with. Law of Attraction works equally well for those with no particular faith tradition.

The main thing is to provide your own words and interpretations where needed, and don't get caught up in the “semantics, " or you will miss one of the most exciting opportunities for personal growth you can discover.

So, the first steps toward that desire would be to ask the following questions:

  • How and why are you attracting this situation, object or desire?

  • What do you truly want?

  • What will it do for you spiritually, monetarily, socially and relationship wise?

  • What really stops you right now from having this dream, desire or goal?

  • What old beliefs are holding you mentally stuck?

  • What resources do you have on hand now?

  • What is your true commitment to seeing your desire to completion?

  • Do you mentally see yourself successful, healthy, wealthy and abundant?

  • Is your attitude positive?

  • What action will you take towards your desire beyond visualization?

  • What will motivate you?

  • What incentive will you use?

  • What is your expectation?

    Aldian Prakoso is an OptiMINDzation Performance Coach and the owner of OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator Blog. OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator Blog helps you to achieve success, wealth, growth and health by unlocking The Secret of Law of Attraction. . . =>

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    Law of Attraction - Attraction with Rituals and Mind Power
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