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Everything Happens For A Reason, Doesn't It?

Hollis Polk

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You hear it a lot, don’t you? “Everything happens for a reason” - but doesn’t it often seem like random things are happening to you? Here’s another way to think about that. It feels a little like a shaggy dog story, but there is a point, or even two.

My official business address is a post office box in a town I used to live in, about 45 minutes from where I live today. One afternoon a few months ago, when I checked it, I found several items for “Debbie Smith” (obviously not her real name, which is much more unusual). A couple of these looked like they might be checks and a couple more looked like W-2s. The address was P. O. Box 265, and then a street address, and then the town. I guess Debbie has my box number at a private mailbox place, but somehow these said P. O. B.instead of P. M. B. By law, the post office must deliver anything that says P. O. B. to a post office box, even if it has an address following that, so they ended up in my box.

As it happens, Debbie used to work for me, many years ago, when she was in high school; her mother, “Karen” is a good friend of mine. So I did what any friend would do, and called Karen, and left a message saying that these items were in my mail, and should I drop them at her house before I went home (as I don’t know where Debbie lives)? I did a few other errands, and since I hadn’t heard back, I gave the items back to the post office, explaining what had probably happened, and asking them to deliver them correctly. Shortly thereafter, I heard back from Karen, who said she’d call Debbie, who had recently moved back to town, to let her know about the mail. Then Karen said she’d be meeting a mutual friend of ours shortly for an early dinner, and did I want to come? Sure! I changed my plans and met Karen and my other friend for dinner at a Chinese restaurant a few doors from the post office.

While we were eating, Debbie walked into the restaurant and joined us, having just picked up her mail. Sure enough, there were 2 checks and 2 W-2s, and she was thrilled to have gotten them. Then she said, “You know, just today I was visualizing money coming in the mail to me. I was clear that I wanted it, and that I wanted it today!”

So here are the points of the story:

* Everything happens for a reason, but it may not be your reason. Everyone else out there has their own intentions. So enjoy being part of someone else’s synchronicity.

* Be clear what you want — and others will be enlisted, perhaps without your or their conscious awareness, to help you get it.

Over 20 years of working with clients, Hollis Polk has seen so many people facing obstacles that could be overcome easily with the right tools (including hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics, and decision science), that she incorporated additional skills into her original clairvoyant practice. She mastered these skills in her “rational” education (a Harvard MBA and an engineering Bachelor’s degree from Princeton, where I specialized in decision science), 20+ years of business experience, and specialized training, including hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistics. Her practice now specializes in coaching to change beliefs, based on psychic information.

This will work for you to change your beliefs and your life!

See or call 888-4-hollis (888-446-5547) to learn more!


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