Allowing Is All There Is

Gary Evans

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The next time you walk into a well lit room, ask yourself “why is there no dark switch on the wall?”. There is no source of darkness; there is light and then no-light. But darkness does not exist as it has no source.

This is the same thing with the Law of Attraction and well-being. There is a source of wellness, well-being or source energy yet there is no evil source. There is no source that is out to hurt you nor is there a source of illness and sickness.

There is allowing and there is disallowing. That’s it!

When you learn to allow positive feelings and positive energy to flow through your body you feel great! And it is in those moments when you are allowing. What are you allowing? You are allowing well-being. You are allowing the source that is natural to you. You are allowing every desire you’ve thought of to be attracted to you.

It makes perfect sense why everything would start flowing to you when you’re in a state of allowing. Try and place a feeling on every one of those desires you’ve been wanting - the new house, the extra money or that passionate relationship. They all feel good to you! And when you get into alignment with that feeling of goodness everything you desire will start making its way to you because the Law of Attraction has only one job – to match like thoughts together.

Allowing really is, all there is. You are the creator of every circumstance within your life. So make the most of this allowing ‘thing’ and really start practicing it with real passion, desire and determination.

The universe does not respond to some people and not others. It responds to everyone exactly the same and will yield those who are in vibrational harmony with what they say they’ve been wanting to manifest into their experience.

There is no better feeling than to be the deliberate creator of your own reality. The thrill of visualizing a desire and getting yourself into harmony with what you’ve been wanting and seeing it manifest - will make you the happiest man or woman alive!

Don’t waste another moment feeling sorry for yourself. Make the decision that feeling good is the only feeling you want to feel. And practice it!

Would you like to discover the exact same daily principles that I apply everyday to manifest huge wads of cash, relationships, holidays abroad and the lifestyle of your dreams? Remember … It Is Good To Feel Good


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