The Symptoms of Fear


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Whenever we observe behaviors, attitudes and postures in ourselves or ourselves or others that are unattractive, it is likely that fear is the driving motivator under that display of energy. Fortunately, we no longer have to try to cognitively override the consequences of fear or tolerate the behaviors fear causes in our being. These behaviors are after all not who we are but a symptom of something else.

If you ask yourself the following questions, you may be surprised at what you learn.

“What is really going on?

“What is really at the core of this issue?"

Staying present to what you notice and your feelings when you ask these questions ia often enough to support you is shifting the energy of the fear.

We know that many of the various states of being we observe in humanity are do to fear and the subsequent enabling of survival states by the ego or mind. Once the fear is discovered and the meaning attached to it is removed from the equation, the survival states are no longer necessary.

We don’t want to vilify the ego or mind as being bad or evil. We do want to be aware that the ego’s job is to protect us and protective postures and limited possibilities are the end result of that effort.

Survival states are the states enabled by the ego to keep us safe. They are protective in nature and often have a protective posture connected to them as well.

Examples of the states include and are not limited to:

Being judgmental
r Being externally referenced
r Comparing ourselves to others
r Avoiding our intuitive knowing
r Having expectations of others
r Being attached to how we think things should be
r Trying to keep everything the same
r Trying to control the outcome
r Creating interpretations and stories
r Blaming
r Ignoring
r Disconnecting
r Checking out
r Criticizing
r Complaining
r Doing (with the idea that our value comes from lots of this activity)
r Avoiding the present
r Lack of trust in ourselves and our intuition

There are literally hundreds of these states and they all have one thing in common:r They are symptoms that something much deeper is holding us in a state of being that is not in alignment with who we are or what we want. It is not the symptom we need to focus on and address. We know that energy flows where attention goes. The universal principles of attraction dictate that we will attract to us more of what we focus on. Beating ourselves up to try and change these behaviors or addressing these behaviors without erasing the core belief(s) that created them may cause some change but it will not cause the lasting profound and deep results that occur when the core issue is addressed.

When we find out what is really going on and permanently shift the energy with the Rockit Method™ of Consciousness Shifting, we create an opportunity for a new experience; one that is centered in wholeness. The truth is that we then return to our essential nature and begin to embody the states of being that are our birth right.

These states include and are not limited to;

r Joy
r Love
r Contentment
r Passion
r Knowing
r Trust
r Safety
r Wonder
r Expansion
r Growth
r Awareness
r Presence
r Allowing
r Receptivity
r Being
r Happiness
r And living a meaningful life

Surely you can see how much more appealing living from the states of one’s birthright is than life from the narrow confines of the survival state. The trick is eliminating the stimulus that causes the effect…ie the states of being that are not congruent with who we really are.

The Rockit Method of Consciousness Shifting has been proven to be an effective, lasting, elegant, and efficient way of moving from survival states to wholeness states. We offer our basic level program twice yearly and would love to talk with you about it. For more information check out

Recognized for her groundbreaking work in the field of mental conditioning and how personal habits and fears can keep us from realizing our dreams, Karen Vizer is one of today’s leading authorities on the subject of thought. She has helped thousands of clients remove the self-imposed barriers that prevented them from living the lives they were meant to live. The result. . . joy, peace and purpose, happiness, and fulfillment. Karen regularly shares her knowledge and expertise with audiences throughout the United States and abroad. She is an internationally known speaker, coach, mentor and author whose views on thought and the thought process are in high demand. She is passionate about guiding others in the life alignment process. She has sourced the powerful process known as The Rockit Method of Consciousness Shifting. Karen holds degrees in nursing and Chiropractic care and received her education in coaching from Coach U and CCU and is a founding member of Coachville.


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