Who Are You Attracting?


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Almost every time I talk with someone lately, they tell me how tired they are. It seems as though many people are not sleeping very well right now, and that includes me. I have been asked if I think there is a reason for this and I say yes.

It seems as though many of us go through the same types of situations at the same time. For instance, have you ever noticed that several different unrelated people you know will be looking for new jobs at the same time? Or that several different couples you know will go through a crisis in their relationships at the same time? Or that several different women you know will be pregnant at the same time? This is quite common.

We attract people who have similar lives to ours and they attract people who have similar lives to theirs. This doesn’t mean that in the end that we are all the same. I just means that like attracts like.

You might be attracting those who are looking for a new job because you have connections for them. Or you might be attracting them because you will soon be looking for a new job and they can share their experience with you. You can even connect some of the people who are looking for jobs so they can work together. Do you see how this works?

So the next time you hear the same thing from different people, think about what this means for you. Can you help them or will they be helping you?

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Wendi Moore-Buysse works with business professionals who want to increase their female clientele. She also works with women who want focus, direction, balance, and greater well-being. Visit her website http://www.wendimoore.com to read her Life's Little Cheat Sheets™ blog.


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Attracting Women Is What It Is
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