The Laws of Attraction


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I would like to talk about the laws of attraction today. It is important in this area of letting go of all negativity, either towards work, money, people and relationships. Before you enjoy the benefits of attracting what you desire in life, you have to desire what ever you want with intensity, and wish it positively so it will benefit all who is concerned. I have found through experience that desiring something, and then attracting that into your life, requires focus, energy, patience and a burning desire for whatever it is to manifest in your life, and then experiencing the feelings associated with that.

In order to attract money or an object, I advise closing your eyes, and imagining a coil, like a loop, going round your body from the top to the bottom of your body, and breathing deeply. At this point you should breath and imagine energising this coil, at a point where it feels comfortable or right, and then think about drawing whatever it is into your life. This exercise can take anything from 1 - 5 minutes.

I have discovered that by using the laws of persisitence and the imagination, that with practice, the laws of attraction will begin to work in spectacular ways. Apart from doing the practical things, based on organised planning, and then getting into action every day, that by doing the inner work will eventually attract whatever it you want. I practice meditation as well, for 20 minutes in the morning and evening, and before I begin, I consciously think about what I want, and send it out into the universe as I begin the practice of meditation.

With regards to relationships, it is not sufficient enough to say you'd like to meet your ideal partner. It is important to be specific, from their height, body type and weight, to their characteristics and values and beliefs. This will make your mind more focused into what you really want, and will help you subconscious attract to you what you really want.

To Your Success

Danny Anderson.


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Ways To Practice The Laws of Attraction
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