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Julia is a successful business owner. She has been building her business for the past 10 years and has finally reached her success goals, just as she knew she would. Her sister, Kate, has been attempting to build a business for the past 2 years, but she hasn’t quite found the formula for success. She’s tired and she’s frustrated and she’s about to give up, just like she figured she would. Her problem is common, but the solution is simple.

Julia has always known that she would be a success. Of course, there were many days when she didn’t feel so confident, but she did not let that stand in the way. She went through days of feeling fear and hopelessness and failure and defeat just like anyone else. The difference for Julia was the fact that she never let herself feel those negative feelings for long. She grounded herself and brought her thinking back to what was important: her passion and success.

Kate, on the other hand, allowed herself to sit in those negative emotions whenever they popped up. She would even take several days off at a time and allow her fears to consume her. She was never confident that she was doing the right thing and her self-talk was proof. She considered herself a failure from the start.

The difference between the two sisters is their self-talk. Julia has control of hers; Kate does not. When Julia feels herself slide into that negative mindset, she starts talking herself out of it. She uses positive affirmations several times a day until she starts to believe them. This works very well for her and it shows in the success of her career.

When Kate realizes that all she has to do is change her thinking, she will put herself on the path to success. It’s an easy thing to do and it has great results.

To change your self-talk, start with a simple affirmation. It could look like any of the following:

I am a successful business owner.

I have peace and calm in my life. (For those who have stress. )

I constantly attract those who can help me.

I am attractive to the perfect mate for me. (For the single person. )

I am constantly getting stronger. (For healing)

The next step is to say this affirmation (or affirmations) over and over. You can write them down 15 times a day until they come true or you can put them on post-it notes on your bathroom walls. You can write about them in your journal every night. The point is, talk about them, think about them, write about them, and repeat them as much as you can. This puts your mind in the space of being in the space you want to be.

The final step is to know that it’s coming. You will automatically work towards making it happen, usually through inner change, which will attract what it is you want.

This is the biggest secret to success – your own self-talk. How simple is that?

Wendi Moore-Buysse works with business professionals who want to learn how to market to women. She coaches, teaches, and consults with women who want to develop intuition and who want to develop leadership skills. Her books from the Life’s Little Cheat Sheets Series, including “Shifting Gears: Get Moving in the Right Direction", are available through her website. “Shifting Gears" includes ways to shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want. Visit for more information and to read her Life's Little Cheat Sheets blog.


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