Magicians with Amnesia

Kate Corbin

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Remember Who You Really Are. This is a magical Universe and we are all magicians. We are totally empowered Masters of the Universe with a major case of amnesia. We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten that we can be and do and have whatever we desire. We have forgotten that we can feel joy every moment of every day. We have forgotten that we are in charge of our lives, often behaving as if we’re imprisoned. Remembering Who You Really Are is the key that unlocks the cell. Awaken the memory and take your rightful place as a Master of the Universe.

Rejoice in your greatness. I’m not talking about your potential for greatness. I’m talking about how magnificent you are right now. You don’t need to change in order to be wonderful. You are wonderful precisely as you are. You don’t need to lose weight, have a facelift, or wear designer clothes. You don’t need to change a thing. You just need to remember Who You Really Are.

“We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?" – Marianne Williamson

Brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous is your natural state. You are a part of All-That-Is, focused in a unique physical perspective. As a part of All-That-Is, you have access to all the Well-Being, all the Power, all the Abundance. It’s all yours!

You CAN Have It All. You most assuredly CAN have it all. You can create a state of being that will bring you everything you desire. The only reason you deny yourself is because of the limiting beliefs (OK, lies) that you’ve picked up along the way. Recall Humphrey Bogart’s sardonic line in the movie, Casablanca – “I was misinformed. " Yes, we were misinformed. But that’s all behind us now.

If attention to being, doing and having whatever your heart desires sounds uncomfortably materialistic, please know that it’s not actually the stuff you want. It’s the way you believe the stuff will make you feel. What you really want is a high vibrational life condition. Realize that your real goal is to feel good, to connect with the Well-Being – which means that your vibration is everything; how you feel is everything.

You are a Creator. As a Creator, your most important creation is your vibration. Create a high vibrational state and the physical manifestation will follow. Think of yourself as the person you want to be. If you want prosperity, see and feel yourself as prosperous. If you want paradise health, see and feel yourself enjoying vibrant good health. If you want harmonious relationships, see and feel yourself as loved and loving. Develop the habit of thinking of yourself exactly as you want to be – in your ideal circumstances. As a Master of the Universe, you can create anything you can imagine. Money, health, relationships and all your desires are waiting to be claimed by you.

“I am larger, better than I thought, I did not know I held so much goodness. " – Walt Whitman

Everything starts with your underlying belief about who you think you are and how you believe life works. Gently shift your self-talk from fear and struggle to confidence and expectation. Become aware of your inner dialogue. Listen for thoughts that feel good and let go of thoughts that feel bad.

Shift your underlying belief system:

FROM Life is hard. I never get what I want. I am powerless.

TO Life is fun. Of course, I can have what I want. I am a Magician.

Indeed you are a Magician, a Creator, a Master of the Universe. Knowing Who You Really Are and applying the Law of Attraction by focusing on what you want, you can be and do and have whatever you desire and create the life of your wildest dreams!

Kate Corbin is a Law of Attraction Life Coach and the creator of Gold Star Coaching. Both her coaching practice and her e-book, Dining at the Cosmic Café: How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire, are designed to help people move from where they are to where they want to be and truly live the life of their dreams. To contact Coach Kate, learn more about the Law of Attraction, and to check out her e-book, visit


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