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Let’s talk about charisma. Defined it is: A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm, or personal magnetism and charm. Doesn’t sound half bad, does it? Confidence and charisma go hand in hand, so listen up because this information is vital to becoming a player.

You have all met a charismatic guy. You may call him the life of the party, or just a plain guy with a certain charm. He is always in a good mood, smiling, and generally creates an instantly attractable vibe. You can tell who this guy is the second he walks into a room. In no time, you can become this guy.

Your first step is to just smile. You ever go to a party, and see a guy that stands alone, on the wall or in a corner? He doesn’t socialize much, and NEVER smiles. He sits there and tries to look cool scowling and refusing to initiate conversation with anyone. Forget seeing the guy, is that you? Well no more. Smiling is the first way to get around this hurdle. When you smile, it releases serotonin in your body, making you feel better and confident. Smiling and laughing also creates bonds between people. Why do you think you find you laugh more watching a movie with a friend than watching it all alone. Smiling and laughing is basic instinctual human ways to create a bond and attraction. Which leads to…

Be funny and fun! True, it is hard to learn to be funny, but it is possible. Watch stand up comedians and keep an eye out for how they create funny moments. Hang around funny people and expose yourself to their styles of comedy. Along with all of this, become a fun person. There is no reason to be serious all of the time, you need to let loose and have fun. If a girl is having fun with you, then she will become addicted to your presence. You need to be fun to be a player.

One of the most important things you can do is be friends with everyone. Approach, girls AND guys. Yes I said guys. No we haven’t given up on women and you aren’t being “gay”. You are making more friends. What is having 100 girl acquaintances that all want you when you don’t have a single real friend to talk to? Besides that, you could meet a really good wingman, or a player who you can learn from. Plus, they can also introduce you to even more women. Don’t forget to approach women to. If you are in school, talk to everyone. You don’t even need the intent to get the girls number or anything. Just become friends and you will have accomplished something. Becoming friends with 1 girl means meeting 5+ of her friends, guaranteed. The more friends you have, the better you feel and act. The better you feel and act, the more confidence you have. The more confidence you have, the more of an attractable personality you have!

The single key trait to becoming a charismatic guy is confidence. The charismatic guy doesn’t look at the ground when he walks. He doesn’t feel insecure. He doesn’t acknowledge anything wrong with his physical appearance or personality. He exudes confidence. You need to do this too. You can’t just walk in a confident manner, and fake it, you need to be confidence. One of my favorite ways to boost my confidence is to watch a movie with a guy that picks up lots of women in it. It makes me want to be that guy. Or you can dress in some hot new clothes. You look good, you feel good. Find your favorite ways to boost your confidence. This way when you go out, you KNOW you’re the shit.

Hopefully you now know the basic ways you can become a charismatic guy. Charisma is the main ingredient in becoming a player. You probably won’t get it overnight, but it will help you greatly when picking up women. Good luck players, and HAVE FUN !

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