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Discovering the Cause of Anger


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"I am in torment, in suffering;-this sign of pain may be caused by frustration or resentment. The cause or reason of anger is usually deeply entrenched and may be due to unhappy and miserable childhood; a child not receiving adequate love during his most vulnerable formative years. Because of this, the frustration grows on through life. Anger is a response people could use, possibly self-taught but also learned unconsciously by seeing parents using anger just to make things happen. Some experts even declare that the first causes or influences of anger are inside the mother's womb where the baby is receiving vibrations of antagonism not just from the mother but also from other human beings around.

But of course, it will not be just bad vibes. There are young children around you and you may notice that they could also have so much resentment and hatred in them. So young, yet so angry. In short, they are getting angry influences at a very young age. On the contrary, if the mother-to-be exposes herself to a very happy and loving environment, then the child strongly benefits from that. The root cause of anger could be due to having lived an unsatisfying life: those regrets over one's life. You may have missed exciting opportunities, wasted a lot of time, or been hampered by other people or circumstances beyond your control.

Whatever the reasons, the list could go on forever. When you feel you have wasted the major years of your life or even only bits of it then that repentance or even regret manifests as anger. It is a frustration or dissatisfaction with one's self. One major cause of resentment is the influence of society today. We're all learning on each other about how to respond to various situations and people in our lives. Adults and most especially young children are easily influenced by their peer group, friends and family. As the widespread response is prone towards antagonism so it's much easier to learn using anger than to use calmness, peace or tolerance.

Another significant cause of anger is the media. It could be found anywhere from comic books to cartoons, TV series and films or motion pictures, magazines and newspapers and so on and so forth. From an extremely young age we are learned and educated to believe that anger is a reasonable and acceptable way to respond to different experiences in our lives. And so, with too many reasons as to what causes anger has disclosed so far in addition to many others that have not been mentioned, is it possible for us to manage our anger, and if so, how? Of course, it is not only possible for antagonism to manage but once we finally come into a decision that it needs to be done and it is fine and humbling to admit that we need help to improve our lives for the better, then it is actually not that difficult like we imagined.

We could learn how to effectively manage resentment that that is coming from other individuals that is often the cause of anger in one's self.

The author of this article Amy Twain is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently decided to go public and share her knowledge and experience through her website . You can sign up for her free newsletter and join her coaching program.


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Anger and Anger Management Skills In Young People
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