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Anger Management Using Psychotherapy


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Anger is a normal reaction to a displeasing action. Some people can cope with an angry situation in a normal way, but some cannot control their anger. Standing up for yourself is good, but not in a violent manner. If you feel really angry, because of the rejection of your assignment, do not blame your teacher, but try to find where you are going wrong and this will help you find you a solution to your problem. If someone is approaching you violently, you should think wisely, defend yourself and report the abusive person to the authorities, rather than punching and hitting the person.

Substance abuse victims fall prey to the negativity of anger and have to undergo medically assisted anger management to recuperate from their bad habits and regain a healthy lifestyle. There are many anger management solutions, which you can put into practice and use to modify the negative thinking patterns like:

1. Talking is a helpful anger management tool. You can talk over your anger with the person who made you mad.

2. The best form of anger management is to keep a log of your emotions, in your anger management journal. You will then be able to rationalize your triggers and avoid getting angry at similar triggers, or avoid the situation completely.

3. Anger management exercises are great anger relievers as well. Yoga is the best anger management exercise, which will relieve your anger and calm you down.

4. Laughter is the best medicine and helps to relieve your anger. It is not easy to laugh when you are angry, but if you divert yourself with a joke or remembering a funny situation it can help you overcome the anger.

5. Burn off your anger by doing any healthy activity like walking, running, jogging or bike riding.

6. Music can be an extremely effective anger management tool. Put on your favorite track and relax.

7. Go to somewhere quiet and scream and shout as much as you like until you don't feel angry anymore.

8. Hitting a punch bag, rather than a person, can relieve the frustration that anger causes.

9. Crying is an amazing release for anger and stress. It lets out all of your pent up emotions, so if you feel like crying, then go ahead.

All the above stated methods are a form of anger management psychotherapy, with which you can change your lifestyle overall. You can seek help from a professional psychotherapist if you are unable to resolve your problems yourself. After learning their anger and stress management techniques you will feel healthier, with a brighter mind and soul, where you can think freely and can see the world beyond the negativity.

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Anger Management Techniques - 5 Tips to Reduce Anger
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