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Most Useful Anger Management Tips


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Getting angry will get us nowhere. Petty anger will certainly affect our relationship with the people we love and even to our co-workers. Those that are suffering abnormal anger reactions could even go as far as destroying their career because of their inability to control their emotions. Without seeking help, group therapy or just personal techniques to address anger will practically destroy a person's life.

With or without abnormal anger problems, it is important for everyone to develop an anger management technique. From different books, newspapers and online resources, these are the common anger management tips recommended for everyone so that they can control their anger:

Deep breathing - one of the many anger management tips that are often disregarded because it's such a cliché. But this actually helps when you think about it. Whenever you feel angry stop and breathe deeply. Whenever we get really angry at someone chances are our breathing is shortened. Combating the short breathe with deep breathing should calm you down. While you're concentrating in deep breathing, it also helps when you count to ten. You will notice that your anger will fade or decrease when you count your anger out.

"Think of a happy place" - there's movie about a fictional character who can play great golf but wasn't able to perform well because of his anger problem. His solution is to “think of a happy place". That idea is actually true and it works. But don't just think of a happy, rowdy place. Think of a place where you'll see serene and calming surroundings. Among the many anger management tips, this is probably a little bit challenging if you can't calm yourself in the first place. But being conscious of your anger and thinking of a nice place could avert possible disasters when you're angry.

Address the problem - don't just be angry, face the problem head on. Talk to the person who might be the cause of the problem or think of a solution to the incident. Be careful when you're talking to the other person though, there are many anger management tips out there but this one is very gutsy since you try to fan out your anger but addressing the source directly. The end result maybe good if you manage it but it will be just be worst if the problem is not taken cared of. But one thing is for sure: trying to solve the problem will calm you as you concentrate on the activity instead of your emotions.

Get out temporarily - leaving the scene where your anger started is probably the most basic technique in controlling your anger. Deep breathing, thinking of a happy place may just look silly when you do it in front of your co-workers. When you walk away you can find a place where you can be collective and you can reorganize your thoughts and possible think of a solution on the things you are angry at. When you get frustrated about a situation, all you need to do is to get out and just walk back in when you feel better.

Jason Wright is an anger management expert and former rageaholic who has developed his own system for curing anger problems without spending a fortune on costly therapy. You can get your FREE copy of his “Anger Management Cheat Sheet " at his website:


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