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Anger And Stress Management


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Anger and stress are related to each other. When we are angry, our body reacts as we exert all our effort in a negative manner. Our body is spent and our mind gets really weak which in turn results to stress. On the other hand, stress could also lead to uncontrollable anger. When we are stressed out, we often become vulnerable and our ability to properly reason and be calm in difficult situations becomes almost impossible. Because of their relationship stress and anger management are often related to each other. When we are able to address at least one, we should be able to address them altogether.

The basic concept of addressing anger is to consider stress first. When we are at work the first feeling triggered most of the time is stress since we are bombarded with so many things to do within a small amount of time. The pressure and the number of important decisions that have to be done all day will always take its toll on us and anything out of hand will lead us to anger.

Anger that leads to stress on the other hand is suffered by individuals who are suffering from abnormal anger behavior. As soon as possible they should seek help professionally so that their anger will be controlled or abated as soon as possible.

In any situation, the best anger and stress management is exercise. Not that you have to exercise right in the office but an hour or two in a gym every week or daily exercise routines at home will do wonders. Through exercise, your blood flow will increase which will easily reduce stress and anger. A good blood flow will help you think clearly and fast under stressful situations.

When you are at work and you feel stressed, you can address that problem by giving yourself short exercises which concentrated on the muscles. You don't really need to sweat it out. You just have to move your body a little bit but in a very consistent manner. Think about the stretching exercises that you do everyday. That simple exercise could get your blood flowing.

Another popular technique anger and stress management is to sign up for different Yoga classes or meditation. Through these classes, you'll learn different techniques in handling yourself in different situations. More importantly, you will learn how to calm yourself at all times. The main reason why Yoga is increasingly becoming popular is that more and more people are experiencing stress and this is one of the viable answers which greatly help those who are suffering from stress.

Aside from increasing the blood flow, Yoga also helps in the “imagery" technique in handling anger. This technique enables the individual to create an imagery that will calm him and her. A serene picture might just be in the mind but it will trigger the body to react and will ultimately experience calmness.

Anger and stress management could be easily done through exercise and meditation. Through these practices, the body will be calmed and the mind would be more rational which prevents stress and anger.

Jason Wright is an anger management expert and former rageaholic who has developed his own system for curing anger problems without spending a fortune on costly therapy. You can get your FREE copy of his “Anger Management Cheat Sheet " at his website:


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