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3 Simple Tips - How To Control Your Anger And Frustration

Ganda Putra

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Situations that we face often sometimes makes us angry and frustrated. Why is that? The truth is Anger is a reflection of situation that actually really outside in our mind that oppose with our conscience and we never thought that situation is really happened. This thing is makes us frustration because this situation is commonly more complex and is hard to solved.

We also is impossible to think all worst possibilities that will happened to us. Our mind actually is limited and we cannot force our mind to think that all worst possibilities, because if you do that, instead before it happens you will become first frustration and worried overreact.

There is a couple tips to overcome or control your anger and frustration

1. Affection with other people: How big your affection with other people? If actually the beginning you are not love for some people only, that's okay you don't have to force it. But how with the people that actually you love and care about, is they worth it to get your anger, so make a big and wide your affection and love with the people that you love and care about, even though there is a risk that you will be hurt. But think the other side, if you love them with honest, I believe they will love you as much as you can't imagine. So if they sometimes make a mistake, you are not going to angry with them, because your love is bigger that your hate, naturally you will forgive them with your heart and your anger passion is gone. So try to look them much from the good side. If there is someone at first you never like it, you don't have to force to like them. Slowly but sure try to take a look at them a good side, okay!

2. What about if you angry with yourself. Control anger is so much easy, try to remember the moment that you feel respectable and get honor by your friends, colleague, brother, sister, parents and many more. You are angry because you didn't like yourself. With remembering those moments will help you to like what actually you are.

3. Learn and study the right life principle that makes you happy. Why is that? Because principle is never change, principle never let you down, principle is immortal, principle will not make you worried, principle makes you steady, and principle will control your anger. Let us take an example about mature principle: a child 3 year old in accident drop your favorite vas, my question are you going to angry with that child? Of course not, right? Because that child is innocent and don't know anything about it, and you will forgive the child because you have a principle “come on, she is only a child, she is not deserve to get anger". To learn life principle, course you will take a time. I suggest after you read and learn it, try to contemplation inside your mind and absorb with your heart, so you not just only “know" but also “fully understand" those principle that you just have learned. You can pick principle that comes from people testimony of success from books, newspaper, and magazine and so on. There is a couple books that has a great principle, you can take a look at

I wish and hope that this article will bring you to control your anger and frustration. I also ever get anger and frustration, so don't worry you are not alone. So I wish you get something with this article. Thank you for reading my article :-)

Ganda Putra is a motivator and reviewer most useful products on self improvement sites on

I'm here just try to help you so you can ask me a question regarding on personality improvement and I will love to answer it :-)


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