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Anger Management 5 Techniques That Work


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It can be heart wrenching to watch the effect of unrestrained anger on a family or a work place. Anger has destroyed a lot of families and has wrecked several relationships. Unrestrained anger can make you a very lonely person. If you have a problem curbing the angry beast inside of you, you can adopt the following anger management techniques;

(i)Diffuse: Diffusing your anger involves diverting your anger and channeling it into more beneficial activities. Research has shown that vigorous activities tend to take away the force of anger. Try engaging in activities such as swimming, jogging, running or going for a long walk. Such activities tend to clear your head and make you less angry.

(ii)Change base: When you are angry, try and move away from the source of your anger in other to get a rein on your emotions. The chances that you will lose your cool when you remain in the same vicinity of your trigger are high. So the next time someone makes you angry, leave the place. Walk away. It's not cowardice. It's maturity.

(iii)Count to ten: When you feel your grip on anger loosing its hold, you can mentally start counting to ten. Counting diverts your concentration elsewhere and reduces the intensity of your anger.

(iiii)See the funny side: Humor is always an excellent anger control tool. When you are vexed, try and see the other side of the coin. . . the funny side of the coin and feel your anger draining away.

(iiiii)Judge favorably: Make excuses for the person who gets you angry and don't be too quick to jump into conclusions. Anger is usually a response to the way you judge situations and actions. Changing your judgment about a particular anger trigger can help to prevent you from getting angry all the time. anger management is simply a matter of making the decision to be calm.

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7 Anger Management "Cool as Cucumber" Techniques To Live By
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