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Emotions That Give Rise to Anger


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Its common knowledge that human emotions are versatile and fickle. What's uncommon knowledge is that human emotions such as anger are actually a product of other baser human emotions. Anger is the result of other emotions. You just don't get angry. Something compels you to get angry. Research shows that anger is always linked to other emotions. The following are emotional sources of anger;

  • Low self esteem: Some people suffer from an inferiority complex and tend to think that no matter what they do, they will never measure up with expectations, whether it's theirs or the expectations of people around them. Such people respond to this emotion in two ways. They either go through life avoiding confrontation or they get angry at what they perceive to be the unfairness of life and charge at every trigger like a hot headed bull. Feeling inferior can cause a whole load of anger to build up- at you. . . at your parents and at society. For these people, uncontrolled anger is a form of power that usually ends up bringing them down.

  • Frustration: A constant feeling of frustration can give birth to anger. If you go through life getting frustrated at not having your way in most things, you will ultimately end up getting angry all the time.

  • Envy: Envy is a strong negative emotion that can lead to anger if it isn't tackled early enough. Envy can be a real stronghold that prompts you to get angry especially when your object of envy seems to have everything under control.

  • Unforgiveness: Bearing a grudge no mater how ‘small’ it is can lead to anger. Anger that is a product of unforgiveness usually festers on the inside of a person. Unforgiveness leads to anger because it is an emotion that lets the person to constantly remember the wrong done to him or her.

  • Fear: When you are constantly fearful of things in every sphere of your life, you tend to be an angry person. Fear plagues you and keeps you from living life to the full. Usually, your anger will be subconsciously directed towards yourself for what you perceive to be a weakness and towards other people for not accepting your fears.

    If you have an anger management problem, finding the root cause of it can be a positive step towards taking care of it.

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