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Do You Know the Consequences to Road Rage?

Carolyn Roome

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Over the years of driving I have watched and been involved with road rage. From what I have been through it is so much easier and safer to just let the other person by, or in! A couple of weeks ago a friend and I witnessed a terrible wreck. I told her, I thought that the accident looked like it was road rage. We couldn't even tell what kind of car it was, it looked like a small compact car. The worst thing was there was a baby hanging out the back window, still in its car seat and gas was dripping on the poor child. There were 3 flights for life helicopters and the highway was closed down for a while. This accident really disturbed me and I called one of the local tow truck drivers and asked him what happened.

I cried when he told me the story. I want everybody to listen and start thinking when people get you angry and you want to pull a road rage on them.

A local family up in the mountains of Colorado, mother, 14 year old daughter and a baby at the most a year old, is now suffering because a mother didn't stop and think what she was doing and how it was going to affect them the rest of their lives.

From the tow truck driver's description, this is what happened. There was a Buick Century with the family and a Subaru Legacy. The Legacy moved into the passing lane and tried to pass the Century. The Century sped up and got into the fast lane in front of the Legacy and slammed on her brakes. The Legacy had no option other than to hit them, it spun the Century around into a tree, which flipped the car then was t-boned by another tree. The person in the Legacy was not injured and was very upset that there was nothing he could do.

The extent of the injuries received by the family are, the mother has a broken neck, broken back, and internal injuries. The 14 year old received a broken neck and trauma. The baby was released the next day from the hospital.

When the mother heals, she will be facing all of these charges: Careless driving, reckless driving, road rage, Child abuse resulting in injuries, Child neglect and God only knows what else.

So she is now facing losing her family and never being able to see them again, paying for all the medical bills, Looking at jail time and stiff penalties and the picture of her children being in a car wreck that their mother caused.

The children are facing the mental and physical injuries without their mother by their side. The children have to figure out why their mother did what she did. They have to suffer not having her near them because of her actions.

Please think about this when you get angry out there on the road. Yes there are dumb and stupid people out there, and why be one of them? Think what you might cause! Think about your family, your life and your home!

Just smile at that person trying to pass you, pray for the person that won't let you pass. And understand that maybe that person not letting you in the traffic might be having a rougher day than you, so, don't make it worse, make it better, let them in and forgive them. You might need it someday too. Life's too short to put your family and your life at risk on a stupid person out driving.

Carolyn Roome
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