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Teen Low Self Esteem Building Self Worth And Self Confidence With Affirmations

Terry Glass

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No matter how you look at it, a teenager is overloaded with information from their parents, friends, teachers, media, television, magazines and loved ones. How many times have you stopped and thought to yourself, “What a day" or “what just happened".

With this constant barrage of information there is little wonder why a teenager starts to doubt their own self confidence and self worth. Should this become a problem you might find the teen turning to alcohol, substance abuse or negative behavior.

Having low self esteem leads to the teenagers daily activities and life in general being borderline miserable. If left unchecked this type of low self esteem can rule the teenagers life leading to insecurities, substance abuse or gaining a little too much weight.

Then how can affirmations build self esteem, improve self worth and skyrocket self confidence?

An affirmation is a chant or a phrase that you say to yourself either out aloud or to yourself in your head. An affirmation is you simply telling yourself that you want to make improvements in different areas of your life.

Example. Let's say you lack confidence when speaking with your friends because YOU THINK they look upon you as less worthy than them. In reality this is not the case, your friends really do look upon you equally, its just you think they don't.

Affirmations are an individual thing that fits your circumstances so in this case your affirmation will be something like - I am a confident person, what I have to say is worthy and I am just as good as my friends.

Another example might be that you feel ugly or unattractive. Your affirmation will be similar to - I am a beautiful person, I am not ugly, I am attractive.

This is pretty basic stuff is it not? What is an affirmation really doing? The affirmation is not some magic spell that will put everything right. No an affirmation is a mechanism where you will start to believe in yourself and not let unfounded beliefs to take control of your life.

Your affirmation is personal, it is just for you and is applicable to you. You must and will believe in your affirmation and as you get stronger you will trust your affirmation.

Each affirmation you use will improve your self confidence. I am a confident person is the thought your saying to yourself as you walk down the mall holding your head high. As your confidence grows so will your own self worth. You will dress with care, comb your hair maybe iron your clothes that little bit better. You will start to believe in yourself, you will develop a sound healthy feeling of self worth and as you do this, you will be building your self esteem.

Each time you achieve a point in your life using your affirmations then don't stop there. Look for the next point, build your very own affirmation and believe in it. As each point improves in your life you are developing your own character and will have successfully completed one very simple and easy strategy to build self esteem.

Terry Glass has been researching self esteem issues and provides care to sufferers on a daily basis. To reach a farther audience the site of Today Self Esteem discusses many aspects of self-esteem, self worth and self confidence issues relating to a child, girl, teenager, women and provides real strategies including affirmations to build self esteem and confidence. The main website can be found at Teen girl building low self esteem, self worth and self confidence using affirmations.


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