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Composing Effective Affirmations Successfully Blending Psychological and Metaphysical Concepts


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I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of my favorite affirmations. This will give you a chance to see that there really is no one set way to compose them. The important thing is how the affirmation makes you “feel" and what “images" it generates in your mind.

*I always get what I want.

*Everything that happens to me empowers me.

*I have more money than I can spend.

*People I am attracted to are attracted to me.

*There is $10,000 in my savings account and it is supposed to be there.

*I choose to believe I will manifest the money I need.

*There are an infinite number of ways to easily manifest what I need.

*I allow myself to experience the best life has to offer.

*I am willing to release my anxiety about being wealthy.

Take your time when you read these. You will see that some of them have a smaller affirmation hidden within the larger one. This technique is inspired by the great Milton Erickson's unusual style of hypnosis.

You know, there really is no one way to compose an affirmation. The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that it resonates deeply with you. . . that it makes you feel that what you want is possible and okay for you to have.

*I give away thousands of dollars every year.

*My mind cooperates with my desires.

*Now that I am grown, it is okay for me to make more money than Dad.

*It is okay for me to love myself. God does excellent work.

*My income exceeds my expenses whether I like it or not.

*My abdomen seeks to be 32 inches around.

*God doesn't mind if I'm rich or not.

It's extremely important that an affirmation generate strong, positive feelings and vivid, pleasant images. I chuckle every time I say “My abdomen seeks to be 32 inches around. " I like this affirmation a whole lot better than “I now have 15% body fat. " :-)

And, while I'm at it, here's a really unique way to think about the composing of affirmations. . .

Ancient metaphysical thought declared that everything made manifest was composed of 4 basic elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Sometimes, I like to compose my affirmations in such a way so as to address each of these.

With respect to Earth, think about some ways that your goal can manifest. This helps you out in
the area of Believability.

With respect to Fire, think about exactly why you want the goal to manifest. This helps you out in the area of Motivation.

With respect to Air, think about exactly what you want to manifest. This helps you with Clarity.

And, with respect to Water, ask yourself why you think you can have it. This will help you with Worthiness.

When you compose an affirmation with these things in mind, you also greatly increase the likelihood that it will manifest in a way that truly satisfies you.

Thomas Lomax is a personal success coach who specializes in helping people line up what they say with what they want. Visit his website:


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