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3 Easy Steps To Create Your Own Positive Daily Affirmations


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Lots of people ask the question how affirmations can help them get through their day or achieve their greatest desires.

My answer to this usually follows with a little explanation of how the mind works. Then that person realizes why everyone should spend a little time daily meditating on their own positive daily affirmations.

Let's look at the stage of your life when impressions on your subconscious mind will be a part of you until you grow old and gray. I'm talking about your child hood.

Think for a minute about when you were growing up. If in these early stages of life you were surrounded by violence, don't you think then you may very well grow up being violent?

If that is the only force your mind was subjected to then that is all you will know. Violence becomes your first reaction to the unlimited challenges of life.

If you were subjected to positive affirmations of love, peace and prosperity then your outcome would be different.

Whatever is implanted into your mind or whatever you hold closely in your thoughts is what you will act upon.

If your mind is subjected to thoughts of infinite power, motivation, happiness and riches, then subconsciously your mind will start to work on a way to achieve those things that you deeply desire.

With that being said, you should create your own positive daily affirmations to get your mind aroused about your desires.

Here are three easy steps to creating your own positive daily affirmations:

Step 1: Look deep within yourself and write out thoroughly what you want out of life. What is your biggest desire? What do you want more than anything? With this information you will be building the foundation for the instructions for your mind to follow to achieve these desires.

Step 2: You need to clearly write the way you intend on achieving these desires. Don't let money be the problem because it will come trust me. If your desire is to become a singer or song writer, then write the statement of your intentions of how you will get you music heard.

Step 3: Now it is time to write out your affirmations or instructions to your mind to keep your eye on the prize; in other words to create a way for you to accomplish the statement of your intentions to achieve the desire that you have written in the first step.

You need to create affirmations that will motivate and energize you to act on your intentions. Here's an example for the aspiring singer/song writer from before. An example of this persons affirmations can go as follows:

1. I want to hear myself on national radio singing songs that I've written.

2. I want people to feel the same passion from my music that I feel when I'm singing and writing it.

3. When people hear my music they will feel happy and uplifted.

4. I will become a singer/song writer because I have the talent, passion and determination.

5. I will never stop fighting and I will never give up, for success at anything comes from faith, determination and desire.

6. I will seek out any opportunity to get my music heard and I will not live in the fear that I'm not good enough.

7. From today I will start acting on becoming a singer/song writer.

8. I will live everyday as though I've accomplished what I've set out to become.

See how easy it is to create your own positive daily affirmations. Try to create your own now and spend some time each day meditating on them. You will be surprised at the out come.

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7 Steps to Creating Positive Affirmations
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